For the most part, women with large boobs love them. They definitely have their downfalls sometimes though. I’m sure any woman with big boobs has had a hard time working out with them, especially during cardio exercise. No matter how much support a sports bra has, it just never seems to fully hold those babies in place. Similarly, when trying to find the best sleeping position you may be faced with them moving around on you. When trying to get your beauty rest, big boobs aren’t the most comfortable thing in the world. These are the best sleeping positions for those ladies out there with breasts that are larger than life.

Stomach Sleepers

First of all, sleeping on your stomach is not off the table. Yes, you heard (or read) that right! As long as you have a special pillow, you’re good to go. As a matter of fact, there are pillows out there specifically made for women with big boobs. There is a hollow section where the breasts go, so they don’t get squished. Does it look a little funny? Maybe. But for those who get the best sleep on their stomach, it could be a great solution.

Back Sleepers

Secondly, one of the best sleeping positions for women with large breasts is on your back. This position helps alleviate pressure off your back, plus your boobs don’t get smashed. In addition, people who suffer from acid reflux can get relief by sleeping with a wedge pillow. Wedge pillows prop you up just slightly, so they’re also great for people with sinus issues. If ultra comfort is your goal, try putting an extra wedge pillow at your feet. Mind blown. But, even with no pillow at all, sleeping on your back is sill one of the best positions.

Side Sleepers

Lastly, are the side sleepers. Women with big boobs might not like this position as much because breasts get squished together. A lot of people actually sleep with pregnancy pillows to solve this problem. Pregnancy pillows are actually really comfortable, and also go in between your legs so you’re in one of the best sleeping positions. Plus, you know, if you’re actually pregnant it’s great too. Additionally, you can buy breast pillows that separate your boobs and help prevent wrinkles. I know, breast wrinkles probably aren’t your biggest worry but over time it happens.