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A firm, rounded and perky backside has long been a symbol of youth and the focus of fashion. However, just like perfect breasts, full lips, or a tiny tummy, most people aren’t endowed with a beautiful backside.

Many doctors offer buttock enlargement with implants, but buttock implants have a number of disadvantages.

Buttock implants can be uncomfortable. You may feel them, especially while sitting. Because the muscles in your buttocks are working whenever you are walking, they put pressure on the implant. This can push the implant out of place.

Because many people feel they have more than enough fat, just not in the right areas, the words “fat transfer” can bring a feeling of excitement. A fat transfer to your buttocks from an area such as your thighs or love handles can help shape both areas into something closer to your ideal and leave you looking fit and youthful.

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Fat Transfer Denver, Colorado
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Fat Transfer Procedure

The procedure for a fat transfer to your buttocks follows several steps. Liposuction of unwanted fat from other areas is performed using small cannulas; the fat is captured and then transferred into small syringes. The fat is then carefully injected into areas that need additional volume. Our plastic surgeons can remove unwanted fat from donor areas such as your abdomen, flanks, or thighs giving you an overall significant improvement in the contours of your body.

The fat is placed into the buttock in a series of thin ribbon like a rose with each fat graft being only a few millimeters in diameter. This small size of grafted fat is small enough to allow the adjacent blood vessels to support the transferred fat until it has developed its own blood supply. Fat transfer can make the buttock area fuller, smoother, enhancing your overall shape.

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Recovery Time and Results

After you have had a fat transfer to your buttocks, we will need to minimize pressure on the area to encourage the success the fat transfer. During this three week period, you should avoid strenuous activity, smoking, or lying on your back without pillows underneath the small of your back and just below your buttocks. While sitting, leaning forward so the weight is actually on your thighs and not your buttocks. Some swelling and bruising can occur following the surgery but they should dissipate quickly. The final result from your procedure will be seeing in approximately 3 months.

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The result of a fat transfer procedure is larger, shapelier buttocks. Our team will answer any additional questions you have during your consultation. Please contact Broadway Plastic Surgery today and find out more about how you can have the derriere of your dreams.

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