Benefits of Removing and Replacing Saline to Gel

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Actual patient: Saline implants replaced with gel implants

Saline implants replaced with gel implants

Since their FDA approval in 2006, high cohesive silicone gel implants have gained much popularity with women who come to Dr. Broadway or Dr. Cisco for breast augmentation. Many other women who come to the Broadway Center for Plastic Surgery have saline implants they received years ago. These women want to understand the benefits of replacing their saline implants with silicone gel implants.

5th generation silicone gel breast ” gummy bear” implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Round silicone gel implants will generally give more upper quadrant, superior pole fullness. Anatomically shaped implants will often give more of a natural slope and transition from the collar bone to the nipple. Shaped implants also give the surgeon more control for inferior breast crease position and overall breast shape symmetry as we have the option to mix and match implants for volume, width, and height.

5th generation silicone gel breast

Benefits of High Cohesive Silicone Gel Implants

Saline implants have, in some women, resulted in visible and unattractive rippling and wrinkles of the skin on the breasts. More commonly, one can also feel ripples of the implant. While this happens more often to very thin women or women with very little breast tissue than to women with more breast tissue coverage for the implant, it is, nonetheless, disheartening. Women have breast augmentation to improve their image and self-esteem, so any defect in their once-shapely breasts is counter-productive.

The high cohesive silicone gel implants are a safe and more aesthetic alternative to saline implants. Not only do gel implants look more natural, they feel more like natural breasts and are less likely to ripple.

Dr. Broadway and Dr. Cisco prefer to implant only gel implants in order to decrease the incidence of the ripple and wrinkle issue. Silicone gel implants, available in different shapes and profiles, allow our surgeons to better address your breast implant performance concerns and while offering cosmetic results closer to your ideal.

Actual patient: Saline implants replaced with gel implants

Making the Decision to Replace Your Implants

Ultimately, the benefits of silicone gel implants compared to saline implants depend on the personal characteristics of each woman’s body type. These will be discussed during your personal consultation and evaluation so that you know which choice will give you the best results as determined by your goals.
If it has been many years since your original implant surgery, now might be the right time to consider replacing them with silicone gel. If your implants are more recent but you are not satisfied with the way they look or feel, you might find that replacing them gives you better results.

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During your initial consultation with quintuple board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. David Broadway, or plastic surgeon Dr. Francisco Sanchez-Navarro, your individual concerns will be addressed, and all available options will be fully discussed with you to ensure your desires are met. If you live in or around Denver, Colorado, and are looking for some minor changes to your body, please contact the Broadway Center for Plastic Surgery to set up an initial consultation, and let Dr. Broadway and Dr. Cisco help customize a series of cosmetic procedures to help restore your overall body satisfaction.

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