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External Ear

An external ear (pinna) that abnormally protrudes from the head when viewed from the front or the back perspective occurs in approximately 5% of the population and is the most frequent deformity of the head and neck area. Prominent ears can occur in only one or both ears and is found in both genders equally. Only 8% of patients will share the abnormality with other family members.

Most prominent ears are anatomically normal but can be an aesthetic detraction. Most patients are children often subjected to schoolyard teasing. Adults are also frequently seen after a life long struggle with insecurities about their appearance.


The more common causes of prominent ears can be due to any of the following variations in anatomy, often seen in combination.

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Underdeveloped antihelical fold

This is a very common component of prominent ears. There is an inadequate folding of the antihelix which allows the edge of the ear (helix) to protrude from the head and become more visible. The prominence is seen in the upper and middle 1/3 of the ear.

Prominent concha

Prominent concha

Excessive prominence of the chochal bowl can be due to an overly developed or excessively deep concha or the chocha may angle out too far from the head. This gives an excessive prominence of the middle 1/3 of the ear.

Protruding earlobe

Protruding earlobe

An overly large earlobe or protruding earlobe can cause a prominence of the lower 1/3 of the ear.


Non-surgical treatment for prominent ears in newborn babies can be effective. Taping or splinting of the ear, if done soon after birth has been successful.

Older children and adults can benefit from an otoplasty or an “ear pinning” procedure. The surgical procedure is determined by the anatomic deformity. Our practice offers otoplasty with local, IV sedation (twilight), or general anesthesia. The type of anesthesia chosen is determined by patient age and patient desire. Otoplasty most often performed with local anesthesia.

Actual Otoplasty Patient

Choosing the Right Surgeon

When deciding to have an otoplasty procedure, the choice of which surgeon to use should not be taken lightly. You need to choose a highly trained, highly experienced, board certified surgeon. Choose one of Denver’s best surgeons. Choose Broadway Plastic Surgery.

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