As with any sort of procedure, there is always the skill of a surgeon at work. With plastic surgery and breast implants or breast augmentation, there is both surgical knowledge and artistry at play. Many of you may ask, what goes into breast implant sizing for a particular body type? Is there some sort of formula that determines how an implant size and style is selected? In a recent article in Yahoo Beauty, titled “Are Those Things Real? Breast Implant Sizing 101,” several points were highlighted that pertain to choosing implant size.

In the article, considerable emphasis was put on not choosing breast implants that are too big. In addition, focus was also concentrated on tailoring the implant pocket correctly. As maintained in the article, “Anyone can put an implant in the breast, but it takes an experienced surgeon with a true understanding of the augmentation procedure to know how to hit a home run.” Plenty of people see headlines where an individual has received oversized breast implants. However, this is not the norm. In fact, at Broadway Plastic Surgery, quadruple board certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Broadway’s goal, is to perform procedures that yield a natural result. He spends considerable time in his consultation with a prospective patient, getting to know the patient’s desires for shape and size. He also takes exact measurements of the chest area so he can help the patient achieve individual results. If you are thinking about having breast implants or breast augmentation, please call Dr. David Broadway at 303-680-8989 for a consultation!