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Keller Funnel

"I have been using the Keller Funnel for approximately 3 years and use it on all gel implant breast augmentation surgeries.  I believe that the funnel is a dramatic improvement in breast augmentation surgery technique. " – Dr. Broadway


  1. Reduces risk of infection

    1. No touch technique (round implants)

      1. Minimizes contact with the implant in an attempt to reduce the risk for contamination
      2. Surgeon’s glove (even though I double glove)
      3. Skin contact (also use a Tegaderm barrier to further minimize contact)
    2. Minimal touch technique (Shaped implants)
  2. Shorter incision
  3. Less trauma to the implant itself

    1. Minimizes the risk of gel fracture (this decreases the risk for rippling)
    2. Minimizes the risk of tearing the implant
  4. Easier for the surgeon to insert the implant
  5. Shortens the surgery time

Disadvantage: Cost

Used the original Keller Funnel that was made from sailcloth.  Worked well, and offered all the above-mentioned advantages. 

The Keller Funnel 2 was redesigned with a clear polymeric material that was more slippery as the implant passes through it.  This was especially helpful with textured implants as their surface creates more friction between the implant and the funnel. 

Steps in its use:

  1. Trim the funnel
  2. Wet the inside of the funnel with saline, making the inner surface slippery
  3. Insert the implant into the funnel
  4. Propel the implant into the breast pocket