Sientra’s Capsular Contracture Warranty & Dr. Broadway’s “Enhancement” To This Warranty

The Sientra Breast Implant manufacturer offers patients who choose Sientra textured silicone gel breast implant the C3 program.

First time breast augmentation patients who choose Sientra brand textured implants will not only receive the lifetime replacement warranty for a ruptured gel implant, but also a 2 year warranty which “provides a free replacement implant if the patient requires revisional breast surgery for a Baker Grade III or IV capsular contracture, within the first two years after the original implantation surgery.”

Capsular contracture is one of the most frustrating and unpredictable risks associated with breast augmentation surgery. Previous studies have determined that some sort of infection resides inside the pocket and leads to a revision surgery.

The national average percentage of capsular contracture is approximately 15%.

Sientra’s studies have shown that the textured implant offers a lower capsular contracture risk.

Sientra is so confident that they have implemented the C3 program to patients thinking about breast augmentation surgery.

Dr. Broadway’s Capsular Contracture Rate Is Less Than 1%

Dr. Broadway takes every precaution he can before, during and within the days following his patients breast augmentation surgeries to help prevent capsular contracture.

He is extremely pleased with the C3 warranty offer, and has decided to “enhance” this warranty for his patients by also agreeing to cover the cost of our O.R. and anesthesia fees for the first 2 years after their primary breast augmentation if they choose the Sientra brand textured silicone gel breast implants.

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