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Plastic surgery has been on the rise for a very long time. It seems that appearance has become more and more important in today’s society. However, some women are making the decision to have their breast implants removed. Even though it may be fairly uncommon, it is still interesting nonetheless. What changed to make someone no longer desire the boobs that once enthralled them? Our bodies our extremely personal. In addition, breast implant removal surgery is extremely personal. Women should not be judged by whether or not their breasts are perfect in size and perkiness. Let’s take an in depth look at breast implant removal procedure, and the reasons some women remove them.

The Why

First, let’s talk about some explanations of why women choose to get beast implant removal. After researching, there is a plethora of information out there. For starters, some women found that they never felt comfortable with their new boobs. Maybe the addition to their body just never quite felt “right”. On the other hand, some women may find that it is hard to find outfits that fit. This is especially true for those with breasts larger than a D cup. For instance, there is no way a full chested woman could get away with wearing a strapless dress. The reason being it’s just too difficult to find a bra with adequate support. However, a smaller chested woman can wear virtually anything that’s in style and not think twice about it.

Additionally, some women may choose to remove their breast implants in order to exercise more. Many have said that it’s hard to exercise with large breasts. This comes back to the discussion of adequate support. It’s just not easy to find sports bras for big boobs. Plus, high intensity exercises can leave women with large breasts in pain afterwards. For those that are fitness oriented, removing their implants is just a way to ensure they can workout freely.

Sometimes, the cost of upkeep is just too expensive. Many surgeons will recommend replacing your breast implants every 10-15 years. This is because over time, they will slowly start to change shape. To keep them looking their best, they’ll need to be touched up. Many women are okay with this and it never bothers them. Conversely, some find that over time, multiple procedures are too expensive. Whatever the case, it’s all okay.

The How

First, do your research! Perhaps you have breast implants, and are considering removal. If so, you are in the right place. A staggering amount of women look for a new surgeon to remove their breast implants, for fear of being talked out of the procedure. Make sure you are comfortable with who you choose. Also, be sure that your surgeon is comfortable with the procedure. Some have more experience than others. In addition, don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Depending on your needs, the surgeon will offer local or IV sedation. The procedure itself is fairly simple and can be done quickly. Normally, the incisions will be made using your incisional scar as a guide. Meaning, wherever your incisions were made the first time around is where your surgeon will remove your implants. Most of the time, saline implants are drained before removal to ensure the smallest incision possible.

Afterwards, expect to have minimal swelling and bruising, which is completely normal. In a few days time you’ll be able to resume normal activity.