More and more of Dr. Broadway’s breast augmentation patients are selecting the Sientra Anatomical Shaped Breast Implants to achieve the most natural result.

Approved by the FDA, this tear shape style breast implant is becoming very popular among women.

These implants do not settle the same way smooth round implants will settle, and it’s imperative the surgeon implant them correctly. The textured shell adheres to the tissue very quickly, so there is less movement within the first few months after surgery. However, this can also lead to a higher chance of revision surgeries if the implant is not placed in the pocket correctly.

Sientra also has a great warranty on these new implants.

International Training

Dr. Broadway has trained with Dr. Charles Randquist of Sweden. He is one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in the world to implant the textured anatomical shaped style, and this is where Dr. Broadway learned the precise technique.

Anatomically (Naturally) Shaped Breast Implant Patient

Pictured is one of Dr. Broadway’s patients who selected a 275cc Sientra textured, moderate shaped, high cohesive silicone gel breast implant.  She received a beautiful result, and the patient couldn’t be happier with her natural outcome that comes with the  gradual slope of the tear shaped implant.

Dr. Broadway continuously offers his patient the most cutting edge products on the market.  He always advances with the times, and trains to understand the latest trends so that his patients are receiving the best in the business.

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