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Best Denver Lipo Surgeons

It’s been almost a year since you began your strict diet and rigorous exercise program, and although you are in better shape than ever before, you just can’t seem to lose those last few nagging pounds. Sound familiar?

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Lipo has transitioned in the last 5 years from merely a debulking technique offered to patients looking to remove an excess amount fat, to more of a body sculpting procedure for the size 2 patient. We uncovered the top five reasons patients choose to have lipo in Colorado, and it turns out that most of today’s Denver lipo patients are within about ten pounds of their goal weight.

Lipo has always been a great procedure for patients to quickly remove excess fat around the mid-section either after child-birth, or once we hit the tough middle aged years when our metabolism tends to slow down. It made us thinner, and it made us healthier, often helping to kick-start a workout routine.

Although these are still top reasons for many Denver lipo patients, our bod:evolve surgeons have strung in a whole new clientele; the gym rat who is looking to be sculpted and remarkably lean in more than just the mid section. From head to toe, our Lone Tree lipo surgeons are changing the way we look at body sculpting and offering patients the most dramatic lipo results.

No matter the reason for you, liposuction is liposuction, it removes unwanted fat, highlights underlying muscle, and tightens the skin. Whether you choose SmartLipo technology or VASER technology, liposculpting will make you look better, improve self-esteem, and it can improve your overall health.


It’s not too late to have a lean sculpted body for the summer. Call today and let Denver Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David Broadway guide you toward one of the best lipo results in Denver.

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