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The VASER® system is a major advance in the application of ultrasonic technology to plastic surgery procedures. This innovative system actually fragments fatty tissue before it is removed and is the latest technology used in performing VASER Hi Definition Liposculpture.

What is VASER® Technology? VASER® technology uses ultrasound energy to remove fatty deposits from the body by breaking down and liquefying the fat cells. The results are less pain, less swelling and bruising, and a shorter healing period. This amazing liposculpture technique is so precise that very small areas of the body can be focused on to remove fat and sculpt muscles while leaving nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue relatively untouched.

How VASER Works

VASER® technology is performed by making small incisions in the area of the body that is to be sculpted. An injection is given that will numb the area, aid in liquefying the fat and shrink blood vessels to reduce bleeding during the procedure. A small ultrasonic probe is inserted that focuses on breaking down and destroying fat in the targeted area. Then the fat is removed through massage and suction.

The Recovery Process

The initial results showing improved muscle definition are generally seen after about two weeks. Most patients can return to their regular work-out routines approximately four weeks after they have undergone surgery, and by that time the final results of surgery are in place and readily visible. VASER® technology is an excellent way to further define the muscles you have worked so hard to develop and tone with regular exercise. For further information, please see Vaser, Smart Lipo or Pro Lipo: What’s the Difference? and VASERsmooth™.

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Please contact the VASER Technology liposuction office of cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Broadway at the Broadway Center for Plastic Surgery in Denver, Colorado today to schedule a private consultation and find out if you are a good candidate for VASER® technology liposculpture. Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. David Broadway, providing Vaser Technology liposuction for patients in the Denver Metro area including Aurora, Boulder, Cherry Creek, Englewood, Highlands Ranch and Littleton.

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