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VASERsmooth™ probes are the latest breakthrough in VASER ultrasound technology. VASERsmooth probes are uniquely designed to both emulsify superficial fatty tissue and cut through hardened fibrous septae, eliminating unwanted skin and contour irregularities.

As with other VASERLipo® procedures, the VASERsmooth probe is designed to minimize damage to blood vessels and tissue surrounding the treatment area. What makes VASERsmooth different is its design that allows triple board-certified, Denver plastic surgeon Dr. David Broadway to specifically cut the septae responsible for skin irregularities caused by cellulite.

Say Goodbye to Cellulite

Cellulite is an uneven appearance of the skin caused by weakened connective tissue. Cellulite can be visible on anyone, regardless of build, but is nine times more common in women than in men.
VASERsmooth has proven extremely effective at eliminating fat and providing firm and contoured results for nearly every area of the body. What’s more, this particular technique is unparalleled in its ability to remove cellulite in areas of the body including, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. Dealing with the root cause of cellulite, VASERsmooth is an ideal solution for both men and women who suffer from this skin condition.

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view our photo galleries

VASERsmooth can be used as a first time procedure or as a follow-up procedure to correct or improve previous liposuction results. During your initial consultation, Dr. Broadway will discuss the benefits of various types of liposuction and help you determine if this technique is best suited to meet your needs. If you live anywhere in or around the Denver Metro area including Aurora, Boulder, Cherry Creek, Englewood, Highlands Ranch and Littleton, and would like to learn more about your options for advanced liposuction techniques, please contact the Broadway Center for Plastic Surgery to schedule an initial consultation today.

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