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The last few months have been a very exciting time for myself and my staff. As many of you know Dr. John Millard and I have combined our plastic surgery practices and moved our office into the Renewal Medical Center located in Lone Tree. This facility has been a goal of mine for many years now and is truly a “center of excellence.”

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Our bod:evolve facility is about more than just cosmetic surgery. Our “center of excellence” combines the latest cosmetic surgery techniques and technologies to help you achieve the body you desire. To help you succeed on your journey to complete health and wellness we have also partnered with a fitness gym & trainers, a day spa, and a nutritionist co-located in the Renewal Medical Center.

Dr. Millard and I have been working very hard over the last few years to open bod:evolve, allowing us to become even more specialized in breast augmentation and body contouring. In addition to our new office we are also opening the Renewal Surgery Center. This is the only cosmetic surgery facility in Colorado that allows patients specialized care with supportive and sensitive staff.

 breast augmentation and body contouring

In the next few months, we will continue to grow as 2 additional physicians will be joining our bod:evolve practice. Dr. Deb Irizarry & Dr. Alfredo Hoyos. Both are exceptional physicians and we honored they will be joining our team.

When you visit our new center you will see familiar faces as well as few new friendly faces. Even though our team is growing we are still committed to providing to our patient’s excellent care and service. As always we welcome your comments and suggestions.

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