Buttock Augmentation

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Both men and women have been turning to plastic surgery to gain the body appearance they desire. Dr. David Broadway is now able to provide his Denver, Boulder, and Highlands Ranch, Colorado patients with wonderful buttock augmentation results.

Buttocks augmentation is the process of adding fat to part of or all of the buttocks area forming fuller, shapelier buttocks. Dr. Broadway uses a process called micro fat grafting to give his Denver Colorado patients more size, definition and shape to the buttocks. Micro fat grafting, or buttocks augmentation works by removing fat from one part of your body (such as abdomen, hips or flanks) and inserting into the buttocks. Dr. Broadway inserts ribbons of fat into the fatty layer above the gluteus maximus (buttock) muscle allowing for good blood supply so the fat can survive. The buttock augmentation procedure is perfect for men or women who are tired of having a small or flat buttock and want to be confident and happy with their buttock appearance.

Buttocks Procedure

How is Buttock Augmentation Performed?

A buttock augmentation begins with an initial consultation with Dr. Broadway at his Denver, Colorado plastic surgery office. During this consultation, you can review what you want to correct with your appearance, and Dr. Broadway can help you determine how much volume can be added based on how much fat you have to “harvest,” or take, from other areas of you body.

Buttock Augmentation Results

Dr. Broadway’s patients who have elected to have buttock augmentation love their results. Dr. Broadway can sculpt the hour glass physique women desire but taking fat from the “love handles” and adding it to the buttocks. He can give men much fuller glutes offering a more defined shape. Also see Brazillian Butt Life for more information.

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If you would like to learn more about buttock augmentation with fat transfer and you live in the Denver, Aurora, or Highlands Ranch, Colorado area, please schedule an initial consultation with Denver cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Broadway, at The Broadway Center For Plastic Surgery today.

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