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The hot weather is coming to an abrupt end as we near the first cold breaths of fall. However, it’s not too late to jump on board with the hottest festival trend of the summer. A sparkling sensation has stormed the scene this summer in the form of jewel encrusted breasts being decorated as a type of shirt. From Coachella to Glastonbury, women and men were adorning themselves in armor made of glitter and gemstones for unforgettable, individualized looks. If you’re ready to take on this gutsy get-up, we’ll give you the low-down on making memorable mammaries.

Step 1: Equipment

This isn’t your mother’s craft project. All the jewels and other adhesives you’ll adorn yourself with should be high quality. If you go for the cheap stuff, there’s a good chance you’ll sweat off your shirt within the hour.

Step 2: Glam it up!

Once your gemstones are set where you want them, it’s time to fill in the spaces. To adhere the glitter, start with a gel base. Extra strength hair gel in a thin layer on the skin is a great way to make sure your glitter stays put. While it’s still tacky, sprinkle as much glitter as you can handle all over the chest, collarbones, shoulders, stomach, or anywhere else! It’s your art, so take time choosing colors and maybe try a gradient. Silver to pink or blue gives the illusion of movement all the time and you’ll be sure to stand out.

jewel fashion

Step 3: Set up for success

Make sure to set your look in place before dancing the night away to avoid slip ups. Hair spray makes for a great setting spray because it ensures your boob job won’t budge. Once everything is in place, you’re going to have a killer look all night long.

Bonus: For the faint of heart

If you want to try the look but you’re worried about slippage or the incoming chill of autumn in Denver on your chest, worry not! This look can be copied by covering a bralette or crop top in sequins. Trying it this way has all the fun of the festival trend with way more coverage! As you’re preparing for your next concert, make sure to try out the trend before the cold creeps in!