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Dr. Broadway Featured

in Health and Beauty Journal

Dr. Broadway Featured in Health and Beauty Journal
Dr. Broadway was featured in the most recent issue of American Health & Beauty Journal. The online magazine published an article highlighting Dr. Broadway’s use of the VASER Hi Def Breast Augmentation.

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By creatively adapting the VASER Hi Def Liposculpture procedure to breast augmentation, Dr. Broadway has been able push the boundaries of breast surgery, providing patients with exemplary results. This revolutionary new procedure allows Dr. Broadway to combine an artistic flair with unsurpassed technical skill. The result is a beautiful, sculpted masterpiece that highlights and defines the sexy curves of a woman’s breast anatomy.

VASER Hi Def Breast uses a highly specialized liposuction procedure to better contour your breasts after implants are inserted. By tastefully removing select pockets of fat in the breast region, Dr. Broadway is able to provide you with more defined and more youthful looking breasts. Its breast augmentation at its very best, or buying the Mercedes fully loaded.

VASER Hi Def Liposculpture procedure
Dr. Broadway pioneered VASER Hi Def Breast, and he and Dr. Millard are the only two surgeons in the Denver, Colorado area to offer this advanced breast enhancement technique, further placing them in the upper echelon of Denver breast surgeons.

American Health & Beauty Journal is an online magazine that provides information to prospective cosmetic surgery and dentistry patients. They publish articles explaining the many procedures available and highlight some of the top doctors in each geographic region.

We are so proud of Dr. Broadway. It is not every day that a surgeon gets featured in such a prestigious magazine.

If you are interested in breast augmentation in the Denver, Colorado area, please contact Dr. Broadway today to schedule a consultation.

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