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The most ideal breasts have been sought after by artists and sculptors since the beginning of time. A woman with large supple breasts has always been illustrated as the symbol of femininity and has always remained a fixation for both men and women. The vision of well-developed and beautiful female breasts includes them to be delicately balanced, with picturesque form and subtle mobility.

For years, women have been able to increase the size of their breasts with breast augmentation. This is a great surgery to merely add volume to the breast; however, some women tend to lose the definition and soft curve of the implant due to an excess of fatty tissue in the axilla and the lateral portion of the breast.

Cosmetic surgeons Dr Broadway and Dr Cisco are two of only a very few surgeons in Colorado offering Vaser Hi Def Liposculpture, and have now expanded on this revolutionary technique by developing VASER Hi Def Breast.

This technique, similar to its sister procedure, combines a strong understanding of the human body and a great appreciation for the arts. To shape the ideal breasts, the surgeon needs to have a highly-trained aesthetic eye and absolute precision as to what fat cells to remove and what fat cells to abstain. The result is a sculpted masterpiece that reveals the most appealing breast-round, defined, perky and youthful.

The VASER technology that Broadway Plastic Surgery utilizes during this procedure not only removes fat to provide a more defined breast shape, but it also causes skin contraction. This advanced technology stimulates the skin, allowing it to contract similar to “shrink wrap.” The breast position is then higher because the breast tissue is tighter.


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To learn more about VASER Hi Def Breast and how to achieve the most beautifully shaped breast please visit Dr. Broadway for your initial VASER Hi Def Breast consultation. You will be able to view before and after photos of patients that have chosen to take breast augmentation one step further and are one step closer to the “ideal breast.”

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