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Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David Broadway has received extensive, specialized training and certification which sets him apart from other cosmetic surgeons.

Dr. Broadway

He has completed residencies and a fellowship in four specialties relating to cosmetic surgery. Dr. Broadway is one of the few plastic surgeons who has achieved four separate Board Certifications: American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, and the American Board of Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat, Head and Neck Surgery)

Why do I find such different prices for Botox? Is there a difference?

It seems as though Botox has become extremely popular and since its FDA approval, it is now available everywhere, including friend’s homes, beauty salons, traveling nurses, and the list goes on. When Botox is purchased by a licensed physician, it comes in a “vacuum-dried” form, which is then properly diluted with saline, creating “units” of the product, ready for injection. Question carefully on how many “units” are going to be injected for a particular price. Advertising with the slogan, “Only $150 Per Syringe” is often used to entice individuals to try their lower priced services. Botox can be diluted to any volume an injector desires. Getting twenty times more volume only spreads the same amount of medication out over a larger space. You don’t get more effect with more dilution. Thus, it is important to know how many “units” are being injected. At the Broadway Center for Plastic Surgery, one syringe of Botox (containing 1cc of fluid) averages 25 units of Botox. To treat both the frown lines and the forehead area, approximately 1 to 1-1/2 syringes are used. The crows feet requires 1 syringe. Variances in amount used depends on forehead size and severity of lines. There are very good reasons why Botox should be administered by an M.D. and his trained staff. Proper training and use of this medication minimizes the risk for complications. Dr. Broadway takes pride in constant training and educating his registered nurses. New techniques in administering Botox are utilized, and he insists patient safety is foremost. Insist on going to a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist when getting Botox and become informed about the units used in treating your facial wrinkles.

Do you offer a treatment procedure that will help my dark pigmentation spots on my face and body?

The Broadway Center is excited to introduce our patients to the Pro Lite Fluorescence Pulse Light System. The benefits include:

  • Overall redness, flushing, and effects of Rosacea are reduced
  • Reduced irregular skin pigmentation
  • Smooth skin and reduced pore size
  • Even skin tone

Pro Light utilizes a patented Fluorescent Pulsed Light Technology to effectively treat facial redness, flushing and pigmentary problems on face, neck, chest and hands. The system restores a more youthful appearance to your skin with no down time, little discomfort and minimal risk. PROLITE delivers a series of gentle light pulses to the skin. Specific filters are selected to maximize effectiveness. A series of five or more treatments are performed at three-week intervals. After each session, you will experience improvement of skin tone and texture. Pro Light is especially effective in improving the appearance of your face, neck and chest. However, it can also be used on any part of the body. Each treatment takes approximately 30-45 minutes. Some patients may experience a mild discomfort during the treatment. For sensitive skin, a topical anesthetic may be applied. Following each treatment, the skin may temporarily appear flushed, tiny vessels may be more visible and brown spots may appear darker. Hours after the treatment, redness should decrease and you may proceed with normal activities You should experience smoother skin and a change in skin tone color after your first treatment. Improvements are gradual and will accelerate after each additional session.

What is DiamondTome Microdermabrasion?

Crystal Free microdermabrasion is a gentle technique for removing the topmost layer of skin, leaving it more supple and vibrant. The Diamond-tipped wand removes this upper layer by polishing it with natural diamond chips and then vacuuming the dead skin. The result is a smoother surface with the promotion of the growth of healthy new skin cells. We now offer three luxurious levels of Microdermabrasion:

Classic Microdermabrasion Facial — Our traditional Microdermabrasion package features a skin analysis, Anubis Blue Chamomile cleanser and Microdermabrasion, followed by an Anubis moisturizer and sun protection to address your specific skin care needs.

Deluxe Microdermabrasion Facial — Our Deluxe Microdermabrasion package includes the elements of our traditional Microdermabrasion Facial as well as an Anubis apple and green tea calming mask or an Anubis ginseng, licorice and chamomile Anti-stress mask. While you’re relaxing, enjoy a hand Microdermabrasion polishing followed by a mini hand massage.

Anubis Signature Microdermabrasion Facial — Our Signature Facial is the ultimate skin care experience. This package includes the elements of our Deluxe Microdermabrasion Facial as well as Anubis Bio-TH-Hydrant intense moisturizing ampule followed by a facial massage. In addition, receive a Microdermabrasion of the hands, arms and décolleté followed by a massage of the areas with Anubis Body Silk.

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The decision to have plastic surgery is a very personal one, and it is also an important medical decision. To have a detailed discussion, schedule a plastic surgery consultation at Broadway Plastic Surgery today.

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