Breast Implants Come to Life with VECTRA 3D Imaging

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Breast Implants come to Life with VECTRA 3D Imaging

When it comes to cosmetic surgery procedures, breast implants are the most common. Plus, they continue to rise in popularity year after year. With such a huge number that consider undergoing cosmetic surgery, there are surprisingly few ways to imagine what you’d look like afterward. Stuffing a bra just doesn’t give the same effect as seeing an image. However, VECTRA 3D imaging is taking the cosmetic surgery world by storm.

What is VECTRA 3D Imaging?

For starters, let’s take a look at what VECTRA 3D imaging actually is. It’s the most state of the art technology to help patients visualize their results, before surgery. During your consultation, you’ll have 3D images taken of your breasts. In addition, VECTRA 3D imaging provides you and your surgeon with precise and clear images with high-resolution color. Plus, the imaging machine automatically adjusts the lighting for the best images possible. VECTRA 3D imaging automatically calculates your height in order to provide correct measurements and result visualizations. With the images, you can change the size and shape of your breasts. Also, you can look at before and afters while chatting with a surgeon during your consultation! Let’s not forget, it can help patients express their wants to the surgeon, and agree on a visual together.

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How VECTRA 3D Imaging is Beneficial

Sometimes, the expectations of a patient may not be realistic. For this reason, it is helpful to have something visual instead of trying to explain why something may not be recommended. On the other hand, after seeing the images a patient may decide a different size looks better than what they were originally set on. That’s because you can view side by side images of different sizes, styles, and shapes. This leads to a much higher degree of satisfaction after the procedure is complete. Additionally, VECTRA 3D imaging can be used to simulate incision areas for mastopexy patients. Overall, it brings so much value to cosmetic surgery practices and their patients.

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