Uptight vaginas help women let loose in the bedroom

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Vaginal rejuvenation procedures

Uptight vaginas help women let loose in the bedroom

Women want to do it “like a virgin” with everything tight and toned down there, but over time the body starts to let things slip. Vaginas naturally become loose from childbirth and the aging process. Many women notice the effects of saggy genitals, especially in their sex lives, but few are flapping their lips about their floppy problem. Contrary to vicious rumors and high school stereotypes, too much sex does not stretch your vagina. Neither does the size of your partner’s penis. Cosmetic surgery and natural remedies offer many women a chance to tighten up ship and let the storm break in the bedroom.

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Vaginal rejuvenation procedures

Vaginal rejuvenation usually refers to a combination of vaginoplasty, which tightens the vagina and labiaplasty, which reshapes the labia. Vaginoplasty surgeries tighten the vaginal muscles and remove excess tissue. Lasers are commonly used to reshape the vaginal area and correct defects. The results from your vaginal cosmetic procedure are permanent, but significant weight gain or childbirth will change how your vagina looks.

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The labia is the skin surrounding your vagina. It’s classified as the labia major, which is the outer “lip” of your vagina, or the labia minor, which is the smaller, inside vaginal “lip.” Patients who want to change the size and shape of their labia undergo this procedure. Asymmetrical labia can cause insecurity in the bedroom, so women with this condition benefit from lapiaplasty.

Controversial revirgination surgery

Hymenoplasty is a controversial procedure that repairs a women’s hymen. The hymen is thin vaginal tissue that typically breaks the first time women have sex. Some religious beliefs place strong importance on the hymen as part of a woman’s virginity, so restoring the hymen is essentially making the woman a virgin again. That’s why this procedure is also called revirgination.

Clitoral hood plastic surgery

A woman’s clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of her body. Surgical procedures in this area have both cosmetic and functional benefits. Clitoroplasty surgeries reduce or reshape a woman’s clitoral hood, the skin that covers the clitoris. In some cases, this procedure is necessary to repair traumas or birth defects. Other patients are self-conscious of their genitals and undergo clitoroplasty surgery for cosmetic reasons.

G-shots for the G-spot

G-shots inject filler into the vaginal area to increase the size of a woman’s G-spot, which can lead to more orgasms. The effects of this quick procedure wear off after a couple months, and some doctors are skeptical of the benefits. Women who don’t normally feel pleasure in that area may not notice a difference.

Tighter vaginas and sex drive

Sexual arousal is often a major consideration for women who choose vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Tighter vaginal tissue does not necessarily mean women will be more responsive or have more orgasms, but a toned vag can increase sensitivity and heighten sexual pleasure. Women who are insecure about their genitals may benefit from the confidence boost after vaginal rejuvenation and have a more enjoyable bedroom experience.

Restore vaginal tightness without surgery

Surgical vaginal procedures are expensive and have risks, so many women start with natural tightening methods. Vagina muscles naturally contract and relax, but they lose elasticity from the stress of childbirth or menopause. There are some techniques to tighten your vagina without surgery. Kegel exercises strengthen your lower pelvic muscles, which tightens your vagina and can give women more control over their bladders. Kegels are only effective if you do them regularly. Fortunately, contracting your pelvic floor muscles is a discreet form of exercise that you can do in the car, at your desk or at lunch.

Vaginal tightening creams promise natural remedies for a loose vagina. They restore elasticity and contract vaginal walls. The effectiveness of these products varies, but some women report quicker stimulation, better lubrication and increased libido. Creams and gels offer fast results and many are made with natural ingredients that improve your vagina’s overall health.

Teenage stereotypes and women’s health myths have too many ladies convinced that a loose vagina is a side affect of their sex life. That’s not true. Vaginal tissue naturally looses elasticity with childbirth and age. Although this can affect your sensitivity and responsiveness during sex, cosmetic procedures and nonsurgical remedies can restore your lady parts to their youthful tightness. Women of all ages are toning their vaginas to make it feel like your first time, every time.

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