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Double take: Celebrity lookalike cosmetic surgery

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Celebrity lookalike cosmetic surgery

Double take: Celebrity lookalike cosmetic surgery

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Kim Kardashian? Myla Sinanaj underwent plastic surgery in order to look more like the celebrity figure. Herbert Chavez spent 18 years and went through multiple plastic surgeries to replicate Superman’s appearance. Movie stars, music artists and other famous faces are seen as the ideal beauty image. Barbie dolls, both standards of beauty, have also been the inspiration for plastic surgery operations. Many people dream of looking like their favorite celebrity. Plastic surgery has made it possible for average people to realize those dreams by transforming their bodies.

Celebrity lookalikes

Twins Mike and Matt decided to invest in veneers, chin implants and rhinoplasty procedures to look more like superstar Brad Pitt. Both are thrilled with the outcome. They’re confident that plastic surgery has not only transformed their look, but has molded them into the men they are today. Miki Jay, a mother of three, has turned her plastic surgery transformation into a profitable business. She altered her appearance to look like Michael Jackson and now impersonates him professionally. Toby Sheldon wasn’t necessarily a Justin Bieber fan, but he used the singer to as a model for his plastic surgery operations.

Real life Barbie dolls

Nannette Hammond began altering her appearance to look more like Barbie’s when she was a teenager. Now a wife and mother of five children, Nannette has continued to invest in breast enhancements (she’s a size 28H), lip fillers, veneers, hair dye and nail extensions. She has pink Barbie cars, a home tanning bed and multiple closets filled with a Barbie wardrobe. Nannette has always been inspired by Barbie dolls, and her family supports her lifestyle.

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A young couple from France has gained fame for undergoing several plastic surgery procedures to make them look like Barbie and Ken dolls. To achieve this look, Quentin and Anastasia invested in ear reshaping, botox, nose jobs, butt implants and other surgical enhancements. Their relationship is founded on a passion for plastic surgery and a dream of becoming more like the iconic doll figures.

Psychologists and surgeons weigh in

Plastic surgery patients will often reference a celebrity’s appearance as a specific example for the plastic surgeon. Wanting lips like Angelina Jolie or a nose like Reese Witherspoon gives plastic surgeons a better idea of the results patients desire. Replicating a specific feature because you find it attractive has different psychological implications than asking a surgeon to completely alter a patient’s physical appearance.

Behind an overwhelming desire to look beautiful, there are psychological reasons that people pursue plastic surgery to look like someone famous. Whether consciously or subconsciously, patients are hoping to gain the power and attention that their celebrity look alike gets. Psychologists warn that patients who want to totally transform into someone else suffer from low self-esteem and other related mental illnesses. People who go to extremes to alter their appearance might be obsessing over their physical flaws for hours a day. Plastic surgeons are hesitant to perform total body transformations without addressing a patient’s underlying mental health.

Social Media

Another concern for many plastic surgeons is the fleeting nature of Hollywood fame. Patients who spend thousands of dollars to look like today’s hottest celebrity will find themselves out of touch, out of style and off the media radar in a short amount of time. Some psychologists suggest that an increase in celebrity lookalike cosmetic surgery is linked to social media. Various platforms make it easier for people to follow a celebrity’s lifestyle. Celebrities have taken to social media, encouraging their followers to be comfortable with their own unique beauty.

Actors, music artists, action figures and other icons are being replicated with modern plastic surgery procedures. Patients transform their bodies for many reasons in an effort to look more like their celebrity inspiration. Plastic surgeons and psychologists continue to evaluate the ethics and obligations behind these procedures. Before you invest in a full transformation molded after a famous face, remember your own unique beauty as an individual.

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