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Botched. How to Avoid It and How to Correct It

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Botched. How to Avoid It and How to Correct It

Cosmetic enhancements have greatly increased in popularity but however commonplace they seem, it’s still surgery. There are risks involved with any plastic surgery. Selecting a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon is one of the best ways to avoid botched results.

Do your research

Before going in for any cosmetic procedure, research the physician and the practice. Look for awards, client reviews, and ask for references. Find out if the hospital or facility is accredited. Every procedure should be performed in a clean, sanitary environment. If the office doesn’t seem legitimate, walk away.

Make absolutely sure that your surgeon is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. You can also find out if your doctor has any additional specialties, certifications or educational experiences from the American Board of Medical Specialities website. Every state has a medical board that keeps a record of disciplinary actions against physicians. Check these records to see if your plastic surgeon is listed. In addition to looking for potential red flags, look for articles published by your plastic surgeon. Is he or she seen as a credible source for various magazines, news stories, and medical research papers?

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Ask questions

Leading up to the surgery, ask questions. Share your concerns and goals with the doctor beforehand so you can address them together. Your plastic surgeon should be able to walk you through the procedure step by step and answer any questions you may have.

Stay local

Although destination plastic surgeries seem glamorous, experts recommend you stay close to home. Language barriers and insurance policies are one concern. Another problem is access. In the weeks leading up to your procedure, you’ll need to meet with your doctor to set goals and make a plan. Following the cosmetic surgery, you’ll continue to consult with your plastic surgeon about the recovery process.

Recovery first, decisions second

Botched plastic surgery is basically any case where the patient doesn’t like the final result or there are negative side effects from the procedure. The first thing to remember is that the healing process takes time. Wait until you have completely recovered from your procedure before deciding whether or not you’re satisfied with the results. Sometimes recovery takes months, even up to a year. Dissatisfied patients can also benefit from therapy if they’re having a hard time with their self-image.

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Botched-what now?

If you’re healed and still unhappy, it might be time to think about enhancing your enhancements. Fortunately, most botched cosmetic surgeries can be corrected. When approaching plastic surgeon to right a wrong, however, keep in mind that it’s a difficult process. The second surgery will often be more painful and the results will likely have a different outcome. Realistically, a surgical redo will not be able to reach the same quality results that you hoped for the first time.

The cause of your botched surgery will determine whether you should go to the same plastic surgeon or find a new one. If you’re dissatisfied with the results, the original plastic surgeon may agree to redo the work at a discounted rate. If your original doctor committed malpractice or caused serious damage, find a new doctor. Certain plastic surgeons specialize in plastic surgery revisions since these procedures require a different kind of experience. When it’s all said and done, the goal of plastic surgery is to make you look and feel your best. Work with a plastic surgeon who is as committed to that goal as you are.

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