Venus Legacy At Broadway Plastic Surgery

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Venus Legacy At Broadway Plastic Surgery
Dan Narsete – Territory sales manager for Venus Concept in Colorado explains how Venus works:

Venus Legacy uses multi-polar radio frequency and pulse-electromagnetic fields. So what makes Venus different from everything else on the market is that the algorithm between the poles changes faster than your nerves can fire off a signal to the brain (signaling that it’s being injured). Therefore, it doesn’t hurt, it’s actually pain free.

This allows us to consistently heat the fat at a temperatures between 46 – 47 degrees celsius on the skin without it hurting. It actually feels like a hot stone massage.

Every procedure is custom tailored to meet your unique needs.


Can be seen between 2-4 treatments.
Skin tightening can be seen between 8-12 weeks.
Fat reduction and circumferential reduction can be seen as early as 8 weeks.

Venus Legacy is great for skin tightening and circumferential reduction, regarding surgeries. Anyone with a negative result should seek the care of a board certified plastic surgeon.

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