Taxes Proposed

on Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Taxes Proposed on Cosmetic Surgery Procedures
Dr. Broadway was recently featured in The Denver Business Journal to discuss the 5% tax proposal on all cosmetic surgery procedures.

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The Botax proposal will highly affect and hurt an industry that is already suffering from the economy. Cosmetic surgeons fear that this unfair tax would force even more patients to reconsider surgical and nonsurgical procedures.

The belief is that only the rich and famous can afford cosmetic surgery procedures when in reality most plastic surgeons will tell you most of their clientele are middle-class women with incomes ranging from $30,000-$90,000.

It’s an unfair tax that will affect not only plastic surgeons but will also dermatologists, ear, nose and throat specialists and oral surgeons who offer teeth whitening. Where will the tax stop? Eventually, they will begin to tax orthodontics and ANY procedure that could be considered “non-life threatening.”

Dr. Broadway and his staff are kindly asking our surgery and skin care patients to contact your Senator and express your disagreement with the cosmetic surgery tax. Congress is singling out this one area of medicine because of a false belief that it’s only for the wealthy. Botox is helpful to reduce migraines, IPL laser treatments are preventative pre-cancer procedures, and many patients see dermatologists to help reduce or alleviate pesky skin care problems. All of this will be taxed if congress votes yes.

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