Real Expectations Post Surgery

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Real Expectations Post Surgery

by | Sep 13, 2017

Plastic surgery is appealing for many reasons. It’s relatively simple to achieve changes you want to see in your body and see them quickly. However, many people look to plastic surgery without fully understanding one thing: it is an invasive surgery. However appealing it is and simple it looks, any surgery takes a toll on the body and opting for an operation is anything but a simple fix. You should always talk with your surgeon about post-surgery expectations, but this week’s blog is going to dive into the four basics of what you should know before going under the knife.

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Lethargy and Pain

Electing to have a surgery isn’t going to make it any less painful. Cosmetic surgery is just as if not more invasive than any other surgery out there, and you’re not going to feel like a beautiful celebrity right after you get off the table. You may feel lethargic from the anesthetic and you will have to be on painkillers for some time after. Do not take plastic surgery lightly just because you are using it cosmetically; surgery hurts the same no matter the intentions.

Watch Your Incisions

The most important thing your doctor can point out is that healthy incision sites are crucial to the healing process. They should remain clean, moist, and covered post-surgery to deter infection. It may sound gross, but clear or slightly bloody discharge from the site is normal and healthy as your body attempts to heal. If thicker, yellow discharge or pus begins to develop or your incisions are extremely red and hot, you should talk to your surgeon immediately. For most patients, regular cleaning and care should help you avoid these issues.

You Won’t Look Perfect Immediately

Plastic surgery is great for nearly immediate results. We have to say “nearly” because you will be healing for a while after surgery. Bruising, swelling, and discoloration are to be expected and will alter how your post-surgery body looks.This also goes back to the topic of pain, as swelling can make the skin feel uncomfortable and tight and the discoloration of bruises may be unsightly. Fortunately, these side effects will diminish, but different patients will heal on their own time. The adage time heals all wounds has never been truer than in the case of plastic surgery.

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This side effect may last longer than the other. Many patients report numbness or tingling up to a year after their surgery. Sensation should return over time, but there is really no way to estimate how long it will take for each individual person. The best thing you can do it be patient with your body and let it heal in it’s own time. You can talk to your doctor about this, but you will likely be told that numbness and tingling are standard for most patients post-op and that it’s nothing to worry about.

There are two things to remember when looking forward to your post-op body. First, don’t expect to feel amazing immediately. Surgery is hard on any person’s body and you likely won’t feel your best for the first few weeks. Secondly, you won’t feel like this forever. Your wounds will heal with time and proper care, so be patient and you will see the results you want and love!

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