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VASER Hi Def Surgeons

Most Experienced VASER Hi Def Surgeons

Dr. Broadway is in Istanbul Turkey this week as the featured speaker for VASER technology and lecturing on the six pack ab procedure, VASER Hi Def lipo, as well as other cutting edge techniques like fat transfer to the breasts, buttocks and face.

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Dr. Broadway was invited by Sound Surgical Technology to lecture and perform surgery in front of 50 doctors attending the seminar.

Next, he will be traveling to Dubai where Dr. Broadway, Dr. Khoury and Dr. Millard are discussing opening another bod:evolve

satellite office to more conveniently accommodate our international patients.

 Istanbul Turkey

Hello All!

We are doing well here. Had the main event yesterday and things seemed great.

I did one surgery for the conference and gave my lecture. We had about 50 docs and it was broadcast on the web.

Everyone was great. Very nice and appreciative of my being there.

Next, we are on our way to Dubai to further our talks about establishing another bod:evolve office.

Take care and I will be in touch!


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