Female Breast Fat Transfer Instead of Breast Implants

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For most women, when asked about breast augmentation, they immediately think the only way to increase volume is to elect to place implants in their breasts. For years patients have stated how great it would be if Dr. Broadway could lipo fat from one area of their body and move it to a more desirable place such as the buttocks or the female breasts, creating a sexy hour glass physique without using an actual implant.

Buttocks augmentation with a fat transfer has been offered to Dr. Broadway’s patients for many years, but only recently has Dr. Broadway received the green light from the American Society of Plastic Surgery to begin to offer fat transfer procedures to his female patient’s breasts.
Dr. Broadway has performed this procedure while visiting international countries but it had not yet been accepted in the US due to the fact that many physicians believed the fat may interfere with mammogram interpretations. We now know that radiologists can definitively make distinctions between calcifications in the breast versus the fat that is injected and the procedure can be another option for our Denver Colorado breast augmentation patients.

What Is Female Breast Fat Transfer?

Dr. David Broadway, Denver cosmetic surgeon, performs female breast fat transfers on women who want to change the size, shape, or contour of their breasts without having the invasive traditional breast augmentation procedure with breast implants.
During a female breast fat transfer procedure; Dr. Broadway will remove excess fat cells from another area of the body using a cannula and vacuum machine much like he would during a liposuction procedure. The excess fat is then injected into 3 different areas of the breast, above the muscle, in the muscle and under the muscle. He will also remove fat from specific targets on the breast to help define it and make the breast appear larger.

What will my Female Breast Fat Transfer Results Look Like?

One of the benefits of using fat transfer to change the appearance of your breasts is that the fat used during the procedure comes from your own body. This means that there is no chance for an allergic reaction or for the body rejecting the fat once it has been injected.Many women also find that fat transfer results feel more natural than breast implant results. One of the reasons for this is because the body naturally incorporates the fat once it has been injected.Lastly, since the fat being transferred to the breasts is injected into the area, there are no incisions made into the skin. The result is a breast augmentation without scars that need to be concealed.


The difficult part of the fat transfer procedure is being able to determine how much volume the patient will achieve in their breasts. After the fat has been transferred to your breasts much of the fat survives because of Dr. Broadway’s precision and technique during surgery, but some of the fat will also be absorbed which will require a 2nd procedure if the patient was hoping to achieve more volume.

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