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One of the most popular of facial plastic surgery procedures is a nose job. When you have your nose reshaped to be in better balance with your other facial features, the results can be dramatic.

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Dr. Broadway is especially qualified to do rhinoplasties, as he is triple board certified. Not only does he have certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery – he also has it from the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology (“ear, nose and throat”). That gives him an extraordinary degree of knowledge and experience with facial structures and how to work with them for better health and better attractiveness.

Rhinoplasty can reshape your nose in virtually any way at all. If you would like a smaller nose, some of the bone and cartilage can be removed to achieve that. If there is a hump that you dislike, it can be reduced. The nose can be straightened, made wider, more narrow, shorter, longer, or more perky. Just talk with Dr. Broadway and describe how you would like your nose changed.

To be a good rhinoplasty candidate, you would need to have good general health with no conditions that might interfere with recovery. You should be over about age 15 so that the nose has fully developed. Dr. Broadway will assess your candidacy when he does a general health exam and looks at your health history.

Rhinoplasty can be done in two ways: open or closed. The difference is in the number of incisions. The open method uses three incisions and is best for more extensive modifications to the nose. The closed method uses one incision.

If you have a deviated septum (one nostril wider than the other), you might have some difficulty with breathing at times. A nose surgery can address that problem at the same time as it improves your nose shape and size. It can also address any damage caused by trauma such as a car accident or sports accident. When nose surgery is done for health reasons rather than for cosmetic reasons, it will be covered by your health insurance plan.

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If you would like to schedule a private consultation to learn more about rhinoplasty and how it might improve your facial attractiveness, please contact our Denver, Colorado office today. We also serve the Boulder area and we hope to meet with you soon.

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