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Whether you’re posting it to social media or keeping it private, you want to look good if you’re taking a topless photo. Here are some tips to snap the perfect sexy selfie.

Before you take the picture…

First of all, nude and topless photos should be empowering. Don’t send them to anyone who isn’t worth your time. Make your partner work for it. If you start with a full frontal nude there’s nowhere else to go. Before you get into sexting, turn off your automatic iCloud sharing. This means when you delete a picture from your phone, it will be deleted for good. You don’t want to log into your work computer and find NSFW photos. While it’s okay to have a couple drinks for liquid courage, do not attempt to send nudes while drunk. You will end up looking sloppy. You want to be proud of your topless pics, not embarrassed.


The lighting is important in your topless photo. It helps set the mood whether you’re going for flirty fun or sexy foreplay. Natural lighting is best. Take your photos during the day near a window if you can. Overhead lights create too many shadows on your face and your breasts. For evening sexts, use lamps and candles instead of overhead lights. Do not use the flash. It will capture you in an unflattering light. The right filter can sharpen your best features and disguise your insecurities, so don’t be afraid to add warmth to the photo. Be careful though, you don’t want to make it weird by going overboard with editing.


Location is another key to provocative pictures. Keep it natural and keep it simple. Think bedrooms, bathtubs, poolsides or locations where you and your partner like to play. Look at the background of your photo before you send it. Check for dirty laundry and anything unsexy.



The way you position your body matters when you're taking a sexy topless pic. Do not lay on your back because this will make your chest look flat and unflattering. Experiment with side angles and let your breasts fall into a naturally sexy position. Do not lean forward. Gravity does not work in your favor in this position and your photo will look more awkward than awe-inspiring. Arch your back slightly to position your breasts front and center. Put your arms to use by subtly pushing your ta-tas together. You can also press your boobs against a sexy surface for a more voluminous look.


Instead of going full frontal, consider extras like necklaces or button up shirts to make the photo interesting. Don’t cover up too much though. It looks awkward trying to slip a nip pic through layers of clothing. Speaking of nipples, pluck any stray nipple hairs before taking the picture. Also, hard nipples are way sexier in topless pics. Practice your sexting expression in the mirror before snapping the pic. It’s better to smile than to look bored. Don't show your face unless you really trust the person, though. You never want your risqué photos sent to the wrong people but if that happens, it’s better if your face isn’t in the picture. Your girlfriends can offer feedback before you send it to your romantic interest. Have your best ladies tell you what looks good or have them help you take the picture. Self-timers can also be an effective way to get the perfect topless photo. If you feel sexy, you will look sexy. Sext with confidence, my friends.