Whether you’re trying to cover them up or show them off, nipples factor into a woman’s wardrobe. Nipples will either add a sexy suggestion or an unwelcome distraction to your outfit. In many cases, it’s okay to reveal most of your breast but nipples are considered taboo. Although nipples are normal, some situations require more coverage. Your school or work environment may not be the best place to go full-frontal. For when it’s best to avoid a nip slip, people have come up with some creative ways to cover their nipples.

Sticky solutions for sticky situations

Paper or cloth nipple pasties offer good coverage but they work best under thicker fabric. These temporary nipple covers have hard edges that might show through thin cloth. Pasties also come in silicone material that is better for light-weight fabric but they’re more expensive. Duct tape is a popular trick that celebrities use to hide their nipples and lift their breasts. While effective, be warned that duct tape can cause a rash on sensitive skin and it will hurt when you pull it off at the end of the night. The crossed band-aid trick is perhaps the most tried and true method to prevent your nipples from peeping through your shirt. Body tape is an effective way to secure garments directly to your skin. This holds your clothes in place and will prevent a nip slip. Double-sided tape is not sticky enough, so it’s important to get grooming tape designed specifically to be used with your wardrobe.

Tailor your wardrobe to go braless

If you’re planning to go braless, tailor your clothes to make sure they fit properly. When your clothes fit correctly they will be less likely to shift into a revealing position. Tops and dresses that are tight and fitted reduce bouncing and add security when you’re going braless. This is especially important for women with larger breasts. Without support, your boobs will be uncomfortably loose. Built-in padding doesn’t necessarily offer more support but it does help prevent your nipples from showing through the fabric. Ruffles and patterns disguise your nipples if they start to poke through your top. Avoid light-colored shirts that will totally be see-through. It might not be noticeable inside but if you’re out in the daylight your breasts will be much more visible through the light-colored fabric. Baggy sweatshirts are a classic way to cover up the fact that you’re not wearing a bra.

nip slip

Noticeable nipples

Without a bra, your breasts will hang lower and looser. Freeing the nipples will generally make your boobs look less round and less centered. If you have a smaller chest or have had plastic surgery, this will be less noticeable. If you’re going braless, people will likely stare. Be prepared to meet their scrutiny and shrug off the creeps. When you want your headlights to shine bright, own it. Sheer bras and bralettes are a great way to get support and maintain the natural, braless look. Going braless does not have to mean flaunting sloppiness. It doesn’t take cosmetic surgery to be confident in your boobs but it’s a great way for some women to improve their body image. No matter what your nipples look like or what size your boobs are, be confident in your breasts. There is no standard for what your chest should look like. The most important thing is for you to be comfortable with your body. Regardless of your bra size, you can rock the no bra look.