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Skin treatments have advanced to another level, and we have the newest equipment. Dr. Broadway is proud to announce the introduction of the Sciton Laser system to his practice.

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This exciting new technology enables Broadway Plastic Surgery to offer many aesthetic treatment options to patients interested in Micro Laser Peel, deep skin resurfacing, Photo Rejuvenation (reduction of wrinkles and sun damage), laser treatment of veins and redness, and much more. The Sciton Laser system allows for the treatment of all skin types accurately and effectively, and it is proven to be extremely safe. Patients will receive consistent, minimally invasive treatments with fast recovery and minimal complications. Get smooth, fresh, vibrant skin today!

The Micro Laser Peel is an intra-epidermal laser peel that will remove the outer most layers of the skin. This procedure is fast and less invasive than regular resurfacing and far more effective than microdermabrasion or light chemical peels. This popular resurfacing peel is ideal for people with little time for a prolonged healing process.
Typically the procedure is repeated 2-4 times, spaced 6-8 weeks apart. After the procedure, patients can expect more vibrant skin, with a significant, immediate change in skin texture and tightness. The beauty of this treatment is you, the patient, choose your intensity according to how much downtime you want to experience.

Pro Fractional Laser treatments will give patients a dramatic improvement with the overall appearance of their skin. The ProFractional treatments smooth acne scarring and skin texture by rebuilding collagen from underneath, minimizing the depth and shadowing caused by acne scars and other facial wrinkles.
The ProFractional is a fast, comfortable procedure with minimal downtime and successfully treats the face, neck, chest and hands. Typically patients require a series of 1-4 treatments spaced about 3-6 weeks apart. A personalized skin care plan will be created at your initial consultation and will be designed according to your skin condition and the improvement you desire. ProFractional treatments may also be combined with the Micro Laser Peel and other popular procedures to help further enhance your results.

The Skin Tightening laser is a treatment that literally lets patients enjoy the benefits of a laser facial on their lunch hour with no downtime, no injections, no lingering redness, and no long recovery; just smoother, younger looking skin. After just two or three treatments, patients see the signs of aging beginning to fade away. Results appear gradually and are very natural.
The treatment cools and protects the skin surface while scanning a laser to warm the deeper dermis where new collagen is generated. After just a few treatments, you will see your skin become smoother and the signs of aging beginning to fade away.
Treatments take only 15-30 minutes, and you can continue your normal activities almost immediately. Skin Tightening is a cost effective and gentle way to gradually reduce the effects of time and sun damage.

The Photo Rejuvenation laser helps treat fine wrinkles, age & sun spots, small facial veins, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation and other skin blemishes. Your treatments will be tailored to match your skins condition and desired results. The most common areas treated are those most exposed to the damaging effects of the sun. Typically the procedure is repeated 4-6 times, with treatments spaced about 3 weeks apart. After treatments and healing, skin will be smoother, more vibrant, and you will have a more youthful appearance.

Laser Treatment of Veins and Redness

A laser designed to precisely treat visible vessels, broken capillaries, spider veins, vascular lesions, and discoloration of you skin. This laser treats all skin types, and great results are seen on the face, neck, chest and legs. Unwanted blemishes and vessels will be heated by the laser’s energy, destroying them, and allowing them to become less noticeable. Treatments are tailored to match your skin condition and desired results.

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During your initial consultation with quintuple board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. David Broadway, your individual concerns will be addressed, and all available options will be fully discussed with you to ensure your desires are met. If you live in or around Denver, Colorado, and looking for some minor changes to your body, please contact the Broadway Center for Plastic Surgery to set up an initial consultation, and let Dr. Broadway and Dr. Cisco help customize a series of cosmetic procedures to help restore your overall body satisfaction.

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