Let’s face it. Most of us like to look and feel our best no matter the occasion. It is part of being human and self conscious. That is one of the reasons why gyms are always busy, plastic surgery clinics are overflowing, and organic food flies off the shelves. People who look good appeal to other human brains, because that is how we are hardwired. Individuals appreciate another person if they are aesthetically beautiful. When we don’t look our best, that can have serious implications and weight heavily on self esteem and confidence.

In a recent article titled featured in ON MANORAMA, plastic surgeon Dr. M.S. Jayasekhar stated, “Yes, beauty isn’t just skin deep. The physically attractive people usually have a positive self image, which helps to increase their socialisation. It naturally leads to development of more social skills and greater assertiveness.” Social skills and assertiveness can lead to promotions and more frequent job opportunities in life. Possessing these attributes can also help people network better as well.

This is where plastic surgery can come into play. The procedures that surgeons perform, can help to elevate how you feel about yourself and improve the way others look at you. This in turn can lead to a much higher level of self esteem that can translate over into your professional and person life. As maintained by Dr. M.S. Jayasekhar, “…plastic surgery is a branch of medicine, where art, creative skills, imagination and science work in perfect harmony to achieve perfection in human body.”