Actually, human bodies are just weird in general. But there are things specifically regarding women breasts that you may not know. If you have boobs, why not know everything you can about them?


First off, your breasts can change shape. Interestingly, the way you sleep can influence the way your breasts are shaped. For instance, sleeping on your stomach repeatedly will change the shape of your breasts. If you occasionally sleep on your stomach, don’t worry. In fact, it takes years of continually being a stomach sleeper before you notice a change. Even so, if it concerns you try sleeping on your side. In addition, place a pillow under your breasts to support them while you snooze.

Heavy hitters

Sometimes, it may seem like your boobs weigh a ton. Large chested women definitely feel that way, especially if their boobs are a source of back pain. But, you might be surprised to know they weigh less than you think. As a matter of fact, an A cup only weighs a quarter of a pound. On the other hand, a D cup weighs about a pound.

Fraternal twins

Additionally, not all boobs are created equal. Nobody has a set that is identical. Although it may be hard to tell, experts say that the left breast tends to be larger than the right. They’re unsure why, but the left breast usually has more tissue. For some, the size difference is extremely noticeable. However, most women say they can’t tell because the difference is so minuscule.

Fun in the Sun

Surprisingly, your breasts can get sunburned even when you are wearing a bathing suit. A lot of bathing suit fabric can be pretty sheer, allowing the sun’s rays to penetrate the skin. To remedy this, simply use sunscreen on the gals if you expect to get some sun. Over time, sun damage can lead to gaining wrinkles prematurely.

Hair, There

Most women don’t like to talk or even think about unwanted hair. Another reason why boobs are so weird is the simple fact that hair grows on them. Whether you want to admit it or not, most likely you have boob hair. Now, I’m not talking about a forest or anything. Typically, having anywhere from 2 to 15 strands of hair is considered normal. Also, they say that the darker the hair on your head is, the more nipple hair you’ll have. If you find it bothersome, simply remove it. Waxing may be a little harsh, though. Instead, use alcohol to clean the area and use tweezers to pluck unwanted hairs. Afterward, follow up with antibacterial lotion which can help prevent infection.

That time of the month

Your boobs usually get bigger and become tender around the time you start your period. But, that’s not the only time they change due to hormones. In fact, breast tissue changes every week. After your monthly cycle, breast tissue feels the smoothest. This is because your body’s hormone levels are even. In addition, in the middle of your cycle, you can expect your nipples to become more sexually sensitive. That’s because during your cycle your estrogen levels are heightened.