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Something every woman dreads is possibly losing their bathing suit top while swimming. Sometimes, the most fashionable swimsuit top isn't necessarily the most practical for every woman. It’s best to know your body and pick out a swimsuit that will keep your ladies in tow. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up looking good! For that reason, we’ve made a list of the best swimsuit tops for every shape and size. Check it out!

Swimsuit Tops for Large Chests

Usually, if you’ve been blessed with a big “rack” the best fit top is something that offers the most support. Look for underwire to prevent any drooping, keeping your breasts where they’re supposed to be and giving them shape. Also, many underwire swimsuit tops are sized by cup size. When it comes to straps, your best bet is something that crosses in the back. Cross back straps are the best because they take pressure off your neck. Neck pain from swimsuit tops is the biggest complaint for big breasted women. However, some women don’t like the look of full coverage tops that comes with underwire. It’s definitely possible to make other styles work if you don’t like underwire. For instance, swimsuit tops with large, thick ties in the back are good so you can tie them as tightly as you want. Or, you could opt for something with side boning, because they’re supportive.

Swimsuit Tops for Smaller Chests

Overall, women who have smaller chests have a much larger range of swimsuit styles to choose from. A great style for small breasts is a padded triangle top because it helps enhance your curves. Some women with small boobs choose swimsuit tops that are too padded, and obviously fake looking. To give the appearance of bigger breasts, try to find tops that have embellishments. For example, ruffles, fabric that is tiered, or 3D floral patterns are super trendy and will add volume. Additionally, underwire swimsuit tops can work well for smaller breasts too. As a matter of fact, underwire tops can give you the boost you desire.

Swimsuit Tops for Cleavage

The best swimsuit top for gaining cleavage is a molded cup halter. Practically anyone can wear this style and look good. That’s because halter tops have neck straps that allow you to add the amount of lift you want. In addition, the cups remain where they’re supposed to unlike a string bikini.