small boobs

We see it all the time, women who seem to have the perfect set of breasts. However, not all of us are blessed in the chest. If your momma gave you a little less than what you think is ideal, there are ways to make your ladies pop.

If the Bra Fits, Wear it

It’s not uncommon for a woman to wear the wrong size bra. In fact, the majority of women have never had their bra size measured by a professional. Most department stores will offer to measure for you, all you have to do is ask. Once you’ve got your correct size, which bra works best for accentuating your breasts? There are so many bras on the market, it can sometimes be overwhelming to find the perfect one. First off, padded bras can give you a little more volume than you’re used to. There is foam padding in each cup that will enhance the size, but they won’t give you any extra cleavage. If you’re looking for even more enhancement, consider purchasing a push-up bra. Not only will a push-up enhance the size, but it’s also designed to push breasts up and together. This results in more visible cleavage. The next option is on the more expensive side, but definitely offers the most natural looking improvement. These include, gel, air, and water padded bras. Another very popular option is silicone bra inserts.

Stand, Strength, Sweat

In this day and age, correct posture is becoming more and more of a problem. Especially with computers in the workforce, many of us find ourselves sitting at a desk all day. Fixing your posture is one of the simplest ways to accentuate small boobs, in addition to being the cheapest. Simple exercises in the mirror everyday will get your body used to what your posture should be like. Additionally, focus on exercises that strengthen your core and/or upper pectoral muscles. Building up pec muscles will make your breasts look more firm and rounded. Also, a lot of women see great results from yoga and pilates. These exercise programs are low intensity but can still help you burn calories while gaining strength.

Project Runway

Third, what you wear has a big impact on the way your boobs look. Try to include these staples into your closet. To start, try to avoid anything that is too tight fitting. If you wear a skin tight top, it’s just going to draw attention to your chest and reveal your true size. Stick to tops that are slightly loose fitting and flowy. Better yet, tops that have some sort of embellishment such as lace or ruffles. And it’s not just the material or cut of a shirt that matters. Use patterns and colors to make your breasts look larger. Opt for tops that are lighter, as light colors generally make something look bigger. Darker, dull colors should be worn on the bottom as they usually make something look more slim. For example, a pair of dark blue jeans would pair nicely with a light colored, horizontal striped sweater.