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Plastic Surgery

Here in Colorado, Fall and Winter are approaching, which is the perfect time for body contouring, breast, nose and facial surgeries. It is also a good time to look into chemical peels, tummy tucks, and brow lifts. What many people don't always realize, is that seasonality also affects the plastic surgery industry as well. There are actually better times to have certain procedures done. In an article on Angela Ricardo, titled "When to Go Under the Knife: Seasonal Plastic Surgery," the concept of cosmetic surgery at different times of the year was highlighted clearly.

In the Springtime, due to the fact that you want to look amazing in summer attire, schedule your minor facial surgery, liposuction, breast augmentation and body contouring for this time period.

In the Summertime, Botox or fillers are perfect choices for summer body alterations and changes. Larger surgeries are okay to consider during the summer as well, as long as you have scheduled in some downtime for recovery.

During Autumn, your skin is relatively loose from the dieting and exercising you have done during the Summertime. It is easily altered through modern techniques, and facial procedures can be good during this time of the year.

Finally, Wintertime is great for facelifts, chemical peels, eye tucks, tummy tucks, brow lifts and nose jobs are perfect for the cold weather. Holidays also allow for ample time to recover.