How To Choose The Right Size Breast Implant?

If you’ve made the decision to undergo breast augmentation, your next step is to choose the size and type of your implants. This is a very important decision requiring honest and complete communication with your surgeon.

Choosing the Right Size

The type of implant you ultimately choose depends on your desired outcome, and Dr. Broadway will use his years of expertise and training to help guide you to make the right choice. Your individual goal is unique, therefore your surgeon will merely guide you towards the right implant size by giving you a range that he feels would look very natural and proportionate to your body structure.

Bigger is not always better. Excellent results can be achieved by choosing a more moderately sized implant. Many women who initially thought they wanted large implants are very happy with the decision to choose a somewhat smaller size.

Questions to Consider

  • Are you hoping for an obvious difference or a more subtle change?
  • Which implant will help you to achieve a naturally attractive and pleasing look for your unique body shape?
  • Do you prefer a more rounded shape for your new breasts, or are you hoping for a more natural curve and contour?
  • What size is most desirable in your opinion?

Choosing your new breast size is ultimately your choice. Your surgeon will likely recommend implants to help you achieve your most well-proportioned, natural appearance. Additionally, choosing a slightly smaller implant size ensures your body contour will appear more like ‘you’ and your breasts will not become as heavy (and droopy as time goes by).

When thinking about your procedure it is important to:

  • Think carefully about your desired goals
  • Work closely with your surgeon and be completely candid about your wishes
  • Carefully review your size options
  • Give your new breasts time to ‘settle’ post-surgery before determining if you’ve made the right choice

Choosing The Right Type: Saline v. Silicone

Both saline and silicone breast implants offer unique features. Deciding which to choose is largely a matter of which type of implant will offer the most natural results for your one-of-a-kind body.

Things To Know About Saline Implants:

  • If a saline implant should rupture, only salt water  is leaked into the body
  • Ruptures are more easily visible, because the implant shrinks
  • Because saline implants can be filled after insertion, incisions may be shorter

Things To Know About Silicone Gel Implants:

  • Look and feel more natural than saline implants
  • Generally a better choice for women with small natural breasts
  • Are now made with a high cohesive gel designed to hold its form
  • Less likely to ripple
  • Lower risk for infection
  • Lower risk for implant shell failure

Making the decision to go forward with breast augmentation is just the first step. Consulting with a highly trained and experienced board certified plastic surgeon is the wisest way to ensure you’re making the decisions that are right for you.

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