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Not all women are born with perfectly proportional chests. In fact, most aren't. There is a huge number of women who seek cosmetic surgery to enhance their breasts. Breast augmentations are among the most popular cosmetic surgery. While many women choose to go up a size or two, there is also a number who choose breast reduction surgery. Sometimes, having large breasts can negatively affect a person. Those that decide to reduce their breasts do not make the decision lightly. In this weeks blog we'll discuss why some women go this route, and how it changes their lives for the better.

Poor Posture

Firstly, a lot of women with abnormally large breasts complain that they have bad posture. Breasts are made up of fatty tissue, which can be extremely heavy. Sometimes adding 10 pounds or more to a woman's chest. This can cause them to hunch over. Continually keeping your body in a slouched position can worsen posture. Over time, this could even cause degeneration of the spine. Not a very pleasant result.

Back Pain

Pain can be a direct result of bad posture. Most women that have big chests experience not only back pain, but shoulder and neck pain too. In addition, they may also have recurring headaches. Among the reasons why women choose to have breast reduction, pain is pretty high on the list. Like we've said, boobs can be extremely heavy. Having breasts that constantly weigh you down doesn't feel very nice.


Another great reason women choose to undergo breast reduction surgery is exercise. After they're all healed it can be a lot easier to exercise than it was before. A lot of the time, large chested women have a hard time finding sports bras that offer sufficient support. Additionally, sometimes high impact exercises have to be limited due to pain and discomfort. Not only that, but certain exercises are impossible for some women due to their breasts.

Saggy Breasts

Most people associate saggy boobs with elderly women. However, a lot of women with large breasts also find that their breasts are saggy. Heavy breasts can pull on the skin and over time, they will start to sag. Thanks to gravity, there is just no way to hold them up apart from wearing a bra around the clock.


Speaking of bras, finding a good enough sports bra is not the only downfall of huge chests. There are a countless amount of bras on the market. All different colors and materials. The only problem? Most of them are unattainable for women with breasts bigger that a DD. Many of the bras available for big breasts are limited in the range of colors. Also, it's almost impossible to find one that is attractive. If you so happen to stumble on a pretty bra, it will cost you a pretty penny.


Sometimes, it may be hard for large chested women to find nice clothes to wear. It can be hard to wear anything strapless. It's almost impossible to wear a strapless bra, and wearing a bra with clear straps is a joke. Not only are clear plastic straps super uncomfortable, it's hard to get them to stay put. As a result, women with big boobs are forced to wear clothing that's comfortable with a regular bra. In addition, many are obligated to buy tops that are too big, just to accommodate their boobs.


At the end of it all, most women who get breast reduction surgery gain confidence. Imagine getting to wear whatever you wanted, and no longer being dictated by the size of your breasts. Or, no longer being slouched over and in pain. Moreover, the kinds of exercises and sports will not be limited just to low intensity. As a result, some women find themselves working out more and are increasingly healthier. All because they decided to have a breast reduction. While certainly not for everyone, certain women can benefit greatly and have piece of mind.