When you think about breast augmentations, your mind probably automatically goes to breast implants. It might surprise you to know that implants are not the only breast augmentation surgery out there. A breast mastopexy, or breast lift, has been gaining quite a bit of popularity over the years. In fact, it is one of the most common breast enhancement procedures. While some women get breast implants in addition to a mastopexy, it’s not required to do both.

What is a Mastopexy?

We’ve already established that mastopexy is just another way of saying breast lift. A breast lift can help restore a more aesthetic shape to breasts that are sagging. After surgery, they become firmer and perkier. The surgery involves removing the excess skin that’s been stretched out over the years. Additionally, breast tissue is reshaped, the nipples are raised and the areola is moved into a more forward position. Sometimes, if the areoles are too large they are reduced by making excisions around the perimeter. There is no age limit for who can get a breast mastopexy. However, you must wait until your breasts have fully developed. Also, you don’t need to worry about breast feeding as it is still an option after the procedure.

Preparing for Surgery

Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cover a breast mastopexy unless it is conjunction with a mastectomy. The reason being, that insurance companies look at breast mastopexies as cosmetic procedures and therefore deem them unnecessary. Make sure to check with your insurance so your out of pocket costs are clear from the get-go. Consult with a surgeon so you can discuss the appearance you’re going for. Your surgeon will go over your options and help answer any questions you might have. Although complications are uncommon, you should still be prepared for them. For example, excess bleeding, infection, and scarring are all possibilities. To help prevent any complications after surgery your doctor will go over some instructions. Most surgeons will recommend that you don’t smoke before or after the procedure.


Most women are concerned about scarring and want as little as possible. There are a couple different types of breast mastopexies, and there is always the potential of scarring. Many surgeons require that you wear a special bra, that helps support your breasts and minimize any swelling. You’ll have post op appointments at which time the doctor will check your progress. Make sure you follow all instructions and make these appointments. If eligible, a breast mastopexy can greatly increase a woman's quality of life. This is true because self-esteem levels are raised and more confidence can be gained.