Not only are bras a staple in any woman's closet, but they are becoming more and more of a fashion accessory. You can layer bras of different patterns, there are many different materials to choose from, multiple colors and each one offers a degree of support. For those who are late to the game, it’s not too late to catch up! For this reason, we’ve made an in-depth guide to help explain the different bra types and their purpose.


First of all, every woman should own a convertible bra. Most of the time, the straps are removable and you can wear them in different configurations. However, every bra comes with different options so be sure to check before you buy. The straps themselves seem to be very popular these days, and you can play around with looks. Some examples are halter, cross-back, one shoulder, and strapless. There are many more possibilities, but the more unusual strap options don’t offer much in the way of support. Essentially, it’s like wearing a strapless bra and the straps are just for show.

Demi cup

Secondly, is the Demi cup bra. This style bra only covers about half of the breast, with a little bit of a plunge down the front to accentuate cleavage. In addition, the straps are usually wider set and the bra is not heavily lined. A demi bra is good to wear with low cut shirts, v neck, or scoop. If you’re very well-endowed, a demi is not the best option because it won’t support your gals like they need.


Another different bra type is the push-up. Many smaller chested women wear push-up bras if they want some added cleavage or to make breasts appear bigger. Also, they usually plunge in the front for more cleavage. Most push up bras are padded and some add multiple cup sizes. The push up is probably not the best option for women with large boobs.


Next, is the balconette bra which is a type of demi bra. Similarly, the cups are low which makes it ideal for low cut clothing. On the other hand, there isn’t much of a plunge and the cups are horizontal on the top rather than angled. The balconette style is good for women with medium size breasts.

Full cup

A full cup bra does essentially what the name implies, and covers the whole boob. This style is the most supportive and maybe the most comfortable. Because of this, women with larger breasts wear this style bra a lot. Although, a full cup bra can only be worn with clothes that have a higher neck. Otherwise, the bra will be visible.


With a strapless bra, it’s important to make sure the fit is perfect. If you wear a strapless bra that is too tight you’ll be uncomfortable all day. Conversely, a strapless that is too loose is just annoying and you’ll be pulling it up every two seconds. The support comes from the band and therefore most strapless bras are firm. Additionally, a lot of strapless bras have a silicone layer around the top to prevent slipping.

bra styles


Unlike other bra types, the t-shirt bra is seamless. That way, you don’t see any lines when wearing a t-shirt for instance. Also, the cups are only lightly padded to prevent the outline of nipples from showing. This style is very popular when wearing shirts that are tight or if the fabric is light.


A bralette is a lot prettier than other styles. Usually, they are lacy or silky and adorned with bows. They don’t offer much in the way of support, as there is no underwire and no padding. Most likely, this bra is worn under loose tank tops or in the bedroom.


Of course, the bandeau is gaining in popularity, especially for those that have smaller boobs. As a matter of fact, the bandeau offers very little support. It’s essentially a strapless bra with no wire and most of the time no padding. A popular trend is wearing one with a loose fitting tank top or sundress.


Plunge bras come in varying degrees, with some low enough to wear with very low cut pieces of clothing. In addition, most plunge style bras also have wide set straps and can be worn with wide necklines. Most of the time, plunge bras are padded and give a good amount of cleavage.


Surprisingly, stick on bras do offer a degree of support and are great for wearing with strapless or backless pieces of clothing. The cups are lined with medical grade adhesive so there’s no chance it’ll come off until you want it to. Also, they can be washed and worn multiple times. However, sizing may be a little difficult because there is no band.


During exercise, the role of a sports bra is to prevent any damage. They offer a great amount of support to hold the gals in while running or jumping. Keep in mind, there are different sports bras depending on the activity. For example, if you’re doing yoga you’ll want to wear a sports bra that is more on the comfortable side.