It can happen to anybody. Waking up from plastic surgery and realizing that the result is less than ideal. There is even a show dedicated to all different kinds of botched cosmetic procedures. With breast implants gaining in popularity with each passing year, how do you protect yourself from a botched boob job?


You may recognize some celebrities because of their botched boob job. That’s probably not what they prefer to be remembered for. However, it’ll give you a good visual of what each botched boob job looks like.

-Tori Spelling:

She got breasts implants over 25 years ago, and since that time there have been so many advancements in cosmetic surgery. Tori Spelling has a small frame and a wide sternum. Not exactly the best combo for a breast augmentation. In fact, her implants were too big and they were placed over the muscle. This resulted in a large gap between her breasts. These days, it’s fairly simple to get that fixed.

-Tara Reid:

Most people know that Tara Reid had some botched liposuction. But she also had a breast augmentation that went south. The surgeon used implants that were larger than what was agreed upon. Plus, Tara opted for areola incisions and over time her nipples deformed because it was done improperly.


When it comes to a botched boob job, most people think about them being too big. Well, in poor Jewel’s case the opposite is true. In 2009, the pop singer had breast implants that just looked off. As a matter of fact, there was extra skin around the implants and nobody knew whether she had implants removed or implants that were too small put in.

Do Your Research

botched boob job

As you can see, a botched boob job can happen to anyone, even celebrities. For that reason, you should be extra cautious when preparing for cosmetic surgery. Do your homework! Cosmetic surgery is something you have to live with, even if for a short time. Ask questions, make sure the surgeon has experience and has all the licenses and certifications. Don’t be shy, you’re spending a lot of money and it would be a shame if it wasn’t perfect. Read all the reviews you can get your hands on, and ask for before and after pictures. Lastly, be realistic about your results. Know your body type and what you can expect once the procedure is finished. Dr. Broadway has VECTRA technology, which enables you to see what your body will look like. Follow these tips to avoid a botched boob job.