Big boob style

Those of us with large breasts know the struggle of finding the right style. You may be limited in what you can wear because of your large boobs. While it can seem like a never ending battle, try not to get too discouraged. There are ways to style yourself so not all the attention is directed at your chest. In this weeks blog we’ll talk about what to wear if you’ve been blessed in the chest.


First of all, styling your breasts the right way all starts with the right bra. You need to make sure that you’ve got the right bra on underneath. Otherwise, anything you wear isn’t going to look right. There are so many bras on the market, that you may think it would be easy to find a good one. But, even if you find a nice quality bra sometimes it won’t fit properly. Before getting started, make sure you get professionally fitted. You might be wearing the wrong size and not even know it. Also, it may help to get away from stores like Victorias Secret, who mostly cater to smaller chested women. Try to find specialty stores in your area, and you’ll probably have much better luck.


Next, finding the right top can be a challenge. If you’ve got large breasts, you may find that you are forced to buy shirts that are larger than you’d like. There are a lot of opinions about the kinds of tops that are best for large breasts. One recommendation, find yourself a good tailor and become best friends with them.  That way, you can buy the clothes you’d like in a bigger size and have them tailored to fit you. While this is a more expensive route, you’ll be happy with the results. On the other hand, if tailoring your clothes just isn’t in the budget, you’re not out of options. When it comes to style, the are some strict rules. However, some rules are made to be broken. For example, it’s widely known that boxy tops or horizontal stripes are a no no for ladies with big boobs. But, a boxy top that doesn’t billow out too much will pair perfectly with a skirt.


Skirts and dresses can also be a problem. Most Likely, you’ll never be able to wear a strapless or backless dress. But don’t let that get you down! There are plenty of dress styles that you can wear, that won’t draw too much attention to “the twins”. They say semifitted dresses are ideal, as they showcase your waist line. In addition, stretchy fabrics are great for a wide range of body types and can be very flattering. Sturdy fabrics that will hold their shape are a good choice as well. Sometimes, it can be hard to find a good fitting dress because you’re a different size on top than on the bottom. Remedy this with separates. Wear a solid color top and skirt to give the illusion of a dress.