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“Finding the Perfect Plastic Surgeon Is a lot like Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress”

In a lot of ways, finding the perfect plastic surgeon is a lot like finding the perfect wedding dress. It is one of those moments when you just know what the right decision is. When it comes to your body, that instant connection is vital. After consulting with three other surgeons in the Denver area, I met with Nicole and Dr. Broadway. I knew right away that he would be the perfect surgeon for me. The other surgeons were great, but Dr. Broadway actually listened to what I wanted. After all, it is my body. I had small breasts for years (34A), and I wanted to go larger, not huge, but just enough to hold up a strapless dress and actually feel sexy in lingerie. I didn’t want to have gigantic breasts that looked obnoxious and fake. Dr. Broadway understood that, and I was very pleased with the fact that he was all about making my breasts look natural on my body.

Upon having surgery, I have just that. I have gotten so many compliments on how great my breasts look from both family and old friends, to the new ones I have met this past year. When I tell new friends that I had breast augmentation, they are shocked. They look THAT natural and real. They don’t overwhelm my petite figure, and they aren’t giant torpedos sitting right under my chin. My breasts are just the right amount of “perky,” the way God intended them to be if they were a few sizes bigger to begin with. Since my surgery, I have talked with other women who have undergone the same surgery from different surgeons. Two of my friends have nipples that point in different directions. One had her surgery over two years ago and can barely feel a thing to this day. Another woman had surgery in January and had to have another surgery done over Thanksgiving because one breast was higher than the other.

I know this can happen to anyone, but Dr. Broadway’s attention to detail, knowledge of the surgery, and concern for his patients led me to have a beautiful, smooth, worry-free surgery. The drains he put in after the surgery helped tremendously with the swelling and the pain (I actually only took Tylenol after the surgery due to my weak stomach and was off of it after the first week)! I would recommend and have recommended Dr. Broadway to anyone and everyone. I could not be happier with my results! Sometimes when you know, you just know ???? Dr. Broadway, Nicole, and the rest of the staff at the Broadway Center for Plastic Surgery, I honestly can’t thank you enough – CP