“Exceeded My Expectations”

I recently elected to have breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Broadway. I could not be happier with the results of the surgery. Dr. Broadway has a true ability to create remarkably natural results. After nursing two children and losing a significant amount of weight, there was little left to work with. My goal was a simple improvement; however, Dr. Broadway far exceeded my expectations with beyond stunning results. As a professional I sincerely appreciated the very thorough and efficient staff on Dr. Broadway’s team. A prompt recovery was an added benefit of the well executed surgery.

Dr. Broadway would be my first recommendation to family and friends looking to make an improvement in their physique. A significant amount of time went into searching for the best surgeon to make this investment into myself. I made a great choice in selecting Dr. Broadway and his team to complete this transformation. Dr. Broadway has an unmatched eye for symmetry and natural form. – NH