Fuss over your baby, not your body, with a mommy makeover

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mommy makeover

Fuss over your baby, not your body, with a mommy makeover

When the new mommy glow fades into a haggard look from sleepless nights and mommy duty, many women turn to plastic surgery. Mommy makeovers help women restore their youthful bodies and pre-pregnancy confidence. Plastic surgery is an investment in yourself as a woman and mother. Whether it’s stretch marks, breast changes or abdominal stretching, cosmetic procedures address one or all of these postpartum concerns.

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Stretch mark treatments

Interestingly, over half of women report stretch marks during pregnancy. Genetics, the size of your baby and the amount of weight gain you experience are all factors that can predict if you’ll get stretch marks. Stretch marks become noticeable along your hips, butt, stomach and breasts as the skin in those areas stretches rapidly. They start out looking pink or reddish brown, depending on your skin tone and fade over time, but they will not fully disappear. Nourish and moisturize your skin early in pregnancy to strengthen it before it begins to stretch. To minimize the appearance of stretch marks, start treating them early after childbirth.

Topical medications, like retinoids, promote collagen production. This leads to healthy looking skin. However, you can’t use many of these treatments while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Your plastic surgeon can perform a micro-needling procedure that encourages skin cell growth. Also, bipolar radio frequency is used to reduce the look of stretch marks by tightening and plumping your skin. Laser treatments change the coloring of stretch marks, so they blend into the surrounding skin. Additionally, microdermabrasion removes the dead skin cells and reveals a healthier layer of skin. This is a cost-effective solution that that keeps your skin looking fresh, but you won’t see any major stretch mark improvements.

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Breast enhancements

Hormone changes associated with pregnancy cause breast tissue to expand. The surrounding skin adjusts to this growth. This means that while you’re pregnant, your breasts will naturally grow in size. After childbirth, however, breasts often lose volume and show signs of sagging. In addition, nipples and areolas undergo changes too. Doctors agree that the most common postpartum worries are about changes in a woman’s breasts.

In fact, plastic surgeons address concerns many women have with their bust after childbirth. Breast augmentation procedures increase the size of your bust post-pregnancy. Also, some women undergo a breast lift to return to their youthful, pre-pregnancy bust. Breastfeeding is still possible after bust enhancement surgery, but it’s best to discuss it with your doctors. During your cosmetic procedure, surgeons can also improve the look of your areolas and nipples.

Abdominal reconstruction

As your baby grows, so does the skin and muscle in your abdomen. Consequently, after nine months of stretching, your stomach has gone through significant changes. Diet and exercise are a great way to kickstart an awesome postpartum body, but it’s not always enough to tackle the baby belly. Loose skin is visual evidence that your core hasn’t returned to its pre-pregnancy tightness. Many women also have separation in their abdominal muscles that doesn’t completely return to normal.

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Planks, crunches and other core exercises can’t fix all your postpartum stomach worries. On the other hand, abdominoplasty plastic surgery effectively tightens your core with liposuction, sculpting, and tummy tuck procedures. Most patients require more than just liposuction because it only removes excess fat and doesn’t treat abdominal separation. For lasting results, doctors recommend that women maintain a healthy lifestyle after their surgery.

Postpartum plastic surgery tips

Taking good care of your body throughout your pregnancy helps reduce the postpartum effects. Be intentional with your overall diet, exercise, and nutrition. Your breasts will continue changing while you breastfeed, so hold off on those procedures. Patients should wait until their bodies have recovered from childbirth before undergoing plastic surgery. Experts recommend that you wait until you’re done having kids before undergoing a mommy makeover. Most postpartum plastic surgeries will not interfere with pregnancy, but the results will be stretched and you may be back to square one. To get the most out of your cosmetic surgery investment and see lasting improvements, wait until you’re done getting pregnant.

Becoming a mother is so rewarding, but the postpartum effects on a woman’s body can damage your confidence. Mommy makeovers help moms return to their youthful looks by addressing stretch marks, breast changes, and abdominal stretching. Cosmetic procedures are an investment for mothers of all ages who want to restore their pre-pregnancy appearance. Visit https://broadwayplasticsurgery.com/mommy-makeover/ to learn more about mommy makeovers.

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