Booty work, can you handle it?

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Booty work

Booty work, can you handle it?

Butts come in many shapes and sizes, but people love them all the same. We want to shake it, move it, work it, drop it and flaunt it. Anything to show off a shapely rear. Bigger is better when it comes to your booty size. A bootylicious butt is going to look great in your favorite pair of jeans and can make you more confident about your appearance in general. Women who have a naturally smaller butt can rock their booty everywhere by managing their diet and exercising their gluteus muscles. If you’re not satisfied with those results, buttock augmentations can really benefit your backside.

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Body fat and your booty

Your butt is a common place to carry body fat. This makes your rear end bigger, but it’s not always the sexy, round shape that you’re going for. To tackle booty body fat, it’s important to manage your diet and eat well-balanced meals. Put down the carbs, like bread and sugary cereals, and consume more protein to help build muscle. Eggs, lean beef and mixed nuts are protein-rich foods that are just as delicious as they are bootylicious. Genetics determine the general shape, but there are ways to better define your butt.

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Move it or lose it

Exercise is the best way to tone and strengthen your muscles. Your butt has three main gluteus muscles. Engaging all three will give you a bigger, toned booty. This is especially important for anyone who spends most of their days sitting. Hours spent sitting at a desk are hours where your glutes are not being used, so they’re becoming weaker. Not only does this potentially change the shape of your butt, but it also creates other health problems. It doesn’t take an expensive gym membership to get a buff booty. There are a lot of ways you can do some serious booty work without paying for it. Here are a couple moves to get you off your butt so you can start working it.

Squats are probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of bootylicious exercises. This is a great move to help tone and strengthen your glutes. Changing the width of your feet and adding weight with barbells or free weights works your muscles differently and makes this exercise more challenging. Squats are great start to get buns of steel, but it takes a more well rounded approach to get the perfect booty.

Lunges target several muscle groups and are a great way to strengthen your hips and glutes. To mix up your workout, try side lunges, weighted lunges or walking lunges. Glute bridges will have you feeling the booty burn in your muscles. People who want a shapely rear end typically skip cardio, because certain moves blast fat and flatten your butt. Don’t skip cardio. Climbing stairs will engage your butt while adding cardio into your workout. Ellipticals, treadmills with incline and uphill running also make your booty work.

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Buttock augmentation

If the booty work is not working, many people turn to cosmetic surgery procedures. Buttock augmentation plastic surgery is used to shape, lift and add fullness to your rear end. Brazilian butt lifts transfer fat from other parts of your body to increase size. Patients who do not have enough body fat available can get sensual curves with buttock implants. Plastic surgery to enhance your butt is an effective way to fix your flat, sagging or square rear end. Sometimes the shape of your butt changes how clothes and swimwear fit, especially in women. Plastic surgery fixes this problem and can give you a more balanced body shape.

A shapely rear end can give you the bootylicious figure that you’ve always wanted. A combination of nutritious foods and exercise moves will give you the confidence to rock your booty everywhere. Some people decide to enhance their rear end with cosmetic procedures. However you make your booty work, don’t be afraid to flaunt it.

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