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Breast implants are the number one cosmetic surgery in the United States. But why do so many women choose to get breast implants? Interestingly, most think that women get them because they are young and insecure. Or another reason is that they are superficial. The real reason might surprise you. In 2015, there were nearly 280,000 implant procedures in the U.S. It might amaze you to know that women in their 30's make up the largest portion of this statistic. About 37 percent to be exact. Keep in mind that these are not young women. Most of them are not in college. So what is their motivation for getting breast implants?

Mommy Makeover

Presumably, a lot of women in their thirties have had children. For this reason, a large portion of mothers lose breast volume after pregnancy. Also, many are unhappy with the way their boobs hang after losing weight. Getting breast volume back is impossible, unless you opt for breast implants. There aren't any exercises that will build them back up. Because of this women are turning to cosmetic surgery to restore what they once had. Breast implants help women regain breast shape and size after childbirth. In combination with tummy tucks and liposuction, it's called a "mommy makeover." 

What age is appropriate?

But it's not just women in their thirties getting breast augmentations. There is a percentage of young girls getting them as well. There has been a lot of outrage over teens getting breast implants as a graduation present. But if you delve a little deeper, you'll see that most board certified plastic surgeons won't perform the procedure. That's because women under 22 have breasts that are still developing. Although, breasts continue to change in size and shape through menopause. The FDA also recommends that women under 18 not undergo breast implant surgery. Even though it isn't recommended, sometimes it is necessary for young women to get breast augmentation. Some women have severe breast asymmetry, are under developed, or have genetic chest deformities. It's obvious that these cases are not cosmetic but corrective. 

What is considered normal?

So why do some women opt for much larger breast implants? In this day and age, it's difficult to know what's normal and what is extreme. All women's breasts are different, and come in different shapes and sizes. It is rare that bodies are perfectly proportional. Unlike a bra, breast implants are not measured by cup size. Instead, plastic surgeons measure them by cubic centimeter. The way a 300cc implant looks varies from person to person. If you were to look through before and after pictures, you'd notice how a D cup looks very different on a tall person as opposed to a short person. It's also easy to find pictures of botched surgeries. There is a limited amount of space under the skin or muscle. Hence, this is why most women aren't looking for extreme. Most women choose to only go up a cup size or two, something that still looks natural. 

No Judgement

Some people think that women get breasts implants to get more attention from men. While this may be the case sometimes, the majority are for other reasons. Many women with larger breasts do not like all the attention they bring. There are people that say women should just be happy with their bodies, and what they were born with. But, there have been reports of higher self esteem and confidence after a breast augmentation. 

All in all, the decision to get breast implants is a very personal one. A very large chunk of women getting breast implants are mothers trying to regain what they once had. Another large portion want to feel better and have more self esteem.