Good morning, ladies, and welcome to 2017 where we have awesome, complicated, intelligent, beautiful women on TV. Long gone are the days of the dumb blonde or the happy homemaker. A myriad of television shows and movies (we see you, Wonder Woman) are unveiling women who have it all: power, intelligence, grace, and looks. Beauty and brains are no longer mutually exclusive and these ladies proved it on the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones. It seemed like every scene was just one kick-butt lady after another running the show, proving that you can be pretty and powerful all at the same time. Here’s a run down of the ladies on the season premiere who slay the most (to say the least).


Let’s get real, Cersei is not here to be liked. She is here to put fear into the hearts of men, and she does her job well. With nothing left to lose, she’s taken the seven kingdoms for herself and is ready to go down fighting if it comes down to it. She’s might even willing to marry the slime ball that is Euron Greyjoy even though she’s approximately 8000% out of his league. With enemies in every direction and her family’s legacy on the line, she’s certainly not backing down.

Best quote: “Whatever stands in our way, we will defeat it.”


Sansa is a character who had to adapt pretty quickly. Evolving from the little girl who fell in love with arguably one of the worst people in the series into the seriously amazing righthand woman to the new King of the North was a huge character development. The start of season 7 also seems to be the start of her giving exactly zero craps about everyone else’s garbage agendas and finally working for herself. It looks like she’s watched the political game long enough, and she’s ready to do some advising herself — and boy does she. Sansa makes sure Jon knows that while he may be the King in the North, someone has to be the brains of the operation and she is up for the task. Basically, she’s a way better-looking version of the small council.

Best quote: “You have to be smarter than father. You need to be smarter than Robb. I loved them, I miss them, but they both made stupid mistakes and they lost their heads for it.”


This little girl has more leadership skills in her pinky finger than every so-called king of the seven kingdoms since Robert combined. She shut down a grown man in less than two minutes and it was glorious. Her loyalty to the North and the strength she displays in protecting her house’s good name is more than audiences deserve from such a compact, kick-butt package. If she ruled the seven kingdoms, we’re positive everyone would bend the knee in a fortnight.

Best quote: “I might be small, and I might be a girl, but I am every bit as much a Northerner as you.”

seven kingdoms


Probably the female character with the longest history of kicking men’s booties comes in the formidable form of Brienne of Tarth. Not only is she training men for battle now (it was a good effort, Podrick), but she looks majorly impressed with the little cub Lyanna and we are all about women being supportive of one another. While her stint in this episode is short, most audiences are already expecting some major action from everyone’s favorite knight. And for everyone wanting a Brienne and Tormund romance, we support you. That man knows she’s the baddest chick he’s ever seen and worships the ground she walks on (as he should). However, her storyline can’t be swept under the rug for some guy. The relationship between Brienne and Sansa is sure to develop further as Brienne protects her with both brains and breast plate.

Best quote: “Why is he still here?”


Ah, yes. Arya slayed the best season opener to date, no questions asked. Her quest for revenge is finally in full force and she uses her Braavosi knowledge from the faceless men to murder an entire house within minutes of the season premiere. One subtle and overlooked point, however, is that she is enacting her revenge only on those who deserves it. She stops the young wife of the late Walder Frey from drinking the poisoned wine and dying unnecessarily. We’re stoked to watch as she finally starts picking people off her kill list one by one.

Best quote: “I’m going to kill the Queen.”


We. Have. Waited. So. Long. Daenerys finally got her fleet, her army, and her dragons all in line and her affairs in order. She’s more prepared to take the Iron Throne than anyone has ever been or will be. No man before or since could stand in her way, so we’re eager to see what happens when she butts heads with the new Queen of the seven kingdoms, Cersei Lannister herself. It’s going to be a bloody battle of the babes, and Thrones fans couldn’t be more excited if we tried. Buckle up, because Westeros is about to see a war unlike any they’ve ever encountered.

Best quote: “Shall we begin?”

Well, there you have it. These beautiful Westerosi women are definitely role models to pin on your inspiration board. By taking charge like these leading ladies, you’re sure to rule like the queen you are.