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Everyone has heard of a face mask. They’re sold at every corner store and can be made at home with simple grocery store products using any one of what seems like a million internet recipes. Fortunately, you can now give the girls some pampering as well. There are many reasons people invest in skincare products like these, but the hope of most consumers is that the product will lessen the appearance of aging in skin through continued use. In this week’s blog, we’re going to discuss what boob masks are, what they claim to do, and how effective they are.

What Are Boob Masks?

Boob masks have made a splash in the market in a slightly different way than facial masks have. Facial masks typically come in a tube. The product is squeezed out and applied to the face in a similar way to a standard face wash. The only difference between a face mask and face wash is that masks are intended to set anywhere from three minutes to a half hour depending which one you buy or make before washing it off. The same is true of boob masks. They are intended to sit on the skin for a length of time before they work. Additionally, instead of being a self-applied formula, they typically come on a presoaked, pre-shaped cloth which is then draped over the breasts.

mammary masks

What Do They Do?

As we mentioned, most masks are used for anti-aging properties. Boob masks are no different. Signs of aging in the breasts include elongated appearance, downward pointing nipples, wider space between the breasts, and sagging skin among others. According to a dermatologist interviewed for an article on Racked, skin firmness is important when it comes to reducing signs of aging in the breasts because the breast tissue itself has no muscle. Therefore, taking care of the skin is crucial to maintaining young, firm looking breasts. This is where boob masks claim to excel. Plumping and softening the skin while helping maintain firmness through different oils and ingredients is supposed to help maintain younger, healthier looking skin.

Do They Work?

There are no definitive studies that this type of product actually succeeds in its intended purpose. However, there are plenty of articles online with as many different conclusions are there are authors. The general consensus, boob masks don’t do anything for firmness, but they feel nice and smell nice. This obviously can’t speak for all products on the market, but most first hand accounts state that the appearance of the breasts saw little to no change after using a mask. So if you’re looking for a mask to make yourself smell good and feel pampered, take one for a whirl! Just don’t expect to see dramatic results from your everyday boob mask.