breast size

An innumerable amount of people are unhappy with certain aspects of their body. Breast size is among the top, with augmentations being one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed. Sometimes, women notice a change in breast size and shape after childbirth. This could be a driving factor for many to seek information regarding breast implants. If you are considering consulting with a surgeon, there are some things you should know. This blog will help you make an informed decision, and things you should discuss with a surgeon.


To start, a major decision will be what kind of implant you're going to get. Many people are unaware that you have more than one option. First, you have the option to get silicone breast implants. Silicone has a more natural look after the procedure, when fully healed. However, there may be slightly larger scars as the implants are pre-filled before surgery. On the other hand, you could get saline implants. Saline implants come with smaller scars as they are filled with saline solution after the implants are placed. This also makes saline a safer choice in case there are any leaks. The negative aspect of saline is that they look slightly less natural than silicone. Ultimately, the decision of material relies entirely on you. But a surgeon can go over the pros and cons of each, and recommend the best option for you.


Sometimes, a major worry for some women is whether or not they'll still be able to breastfeed after getting breast implants. You can rest easy knowing that having breast implants won't prevent you from breastfeeding. The implants themselves are placed under the muscle, not harming the milk ducts. Many women choose to have the incisions placed in the nipple. It's important to note though, that nipple incisions could result in loss of nipple sensitivity. Because of this, milk may not flow properly during breastfeeding. There are some other issues regarding breastfeeding and breast implants as well. Breast tissue may become inflamed, or get infected. Don't let this deter you, any complications can be solved by your surgeon.


Another concern women have is how much pain they will be in after the procedure. Everybody has a different pain tolerance, so it can vary from person to person. Even so, medicine today has helped speed up recovery time. You'll need to take a few days off to relax and heal, after the procedure. Your surgeon will prescribe medication to help ease the pain. It is also recommended that you wear looser clothing, so you don't irritate the tissue.

Cancer Screening

It is not widely known that after breast augmentations it may be more difficult to screen for cancer. While regular check ups are important for all women, it is especially important for those with breast implants. Make sure you tell your doctor that you have breast implants before getting a mammogram. Usually, they require that you get additional scans.


Another great point is that after a breast augmentation, you should check for leaks and ruptures on a regular basis. Normally, your surgeon will give you a warranty in case either of these things happen. While it's not expected, you should still be cautious and perform checks. An MRI is a great tool for checking breast implants. These scans can find leaks, ruptures, and even detect cancer.


Sometimes, great results take time. Don't judge your new breast implants right after surgery as they still need to heal. There is a high probability you'll be swollen. Your body needs time to heal and adjust, since you just had a fairly invasive procedure. Don't get too discouraged, you'll see a positive change soon.


Rest assured, touching your breasts after an augmentation is perfectly okay. Sometimes, it is recommended that you lightly massage them. It is said that light massages can help decrease pain. However, talk to your surgeon about massages beforehand. They can sometimes lead to scarring afterwards. But, touching and getting used to your new breasts is important and expected.

Size and Shape

Ultimately, the size of your breast implants is your decision. Although, there are many variables to consider regarding size and shape. Things to consider are how your body will change with age, the elasticity of the skin, and fluctuations in weight. Keep in mind that going up multiple sizes could affect your posture. Especially if you have a small frame, larger boobs can lead to back problems. Talk to your surgeon about size and shape before making your final decision.

Nipple Sensation

As we've discussed, sometimes there is a loss of nipple sensation after a breast augmentation. This could be due to the incision site, or it's possible that a nerve was touched during surgery. In most cases, sensation comes back within six months to a year. It is very rare to lose nipple sensation indefinitely, but not impossible.


Have an open mind when discussing treatment options. You are not going to look like your favorite celebrity afterwards, because their body is totally different than yours. D cup implants are not going to look identical on different people. Discuss with your surgeon the look you want, and they will tell you what you can expect. If you have unrealistic expectations from the get go, you are going to end up disappointed.


Also, if your weight changes, the way your breasts look can also change. While the actual breast implants won't be affected, the tissue surrounding them could change. If you plan to lose weight, consider doing so before surgery. Another advantage of losing weight before surgery is reducing the risk of complications during surgery. In addition, you won't need to worry about what your breasts will look like after losing weight.

Stretch marks

While it is rare, there is a chance that you could get postoperative stretch marks. If you already have a lot of stretch marks on other parts of your body, you are more prone to get them after surgery. Stretch marks are the result of your body growing at a fast rate. If you're planning on getting large breast implants, be prepared for this.


One question that is probably on a lot of peoples minds, how will your breasts feel once healed? You should be aware, while implants can feel somewhat natural, you or your partner will feel the implants. Changes in breast tissue can vary, depending on the person. It will take time, but you will get used to the feel of your new breasts.


It is advised that you wear a bra after breast augmentations. Going without one is not a very smart idea. A bra prevents your breasts from becoming saggy, and it prevents your skin from stretching. While you may want to run out and buy a new bra immediately, you'll need to wait up to two months. Some surgeons will provide you with a special bra for the healing process.

Not Permanent

Breast implants should be maintained, and replaced if needed. It's pretty uncommon to have the same breast implants longer than 30 years. Keep this in mind, as you'll most likely need to have additional surgeries in your lifetime.